5 Hacks You Must Try in Your Weekly Routine

Hacks You Must Try in Your Weekly Routine

While some people believe that hacks are simply a lazy person’s way of doing less, it’s actually smart to implement hacks. When you can find helpful hacks to make your life operate more efficiently, use them to improve your quality of life. As you comb through the details of your weekly routine, consider five of the best hacks you can get started with.

1. Set Your Clothes Out for the Week

Decision fatigue happens when a person makes too many decisions within a given day. As they continue to make lots of decisions, they tend to make the wrong choices. This can lead to detrimental results. In the morning, one of the first decisions you make surrounds what you’ll wear for the day. Instead of agonizing over the issue, set some time aside on Sunday to prepare your clothes for the entire week.

Make sure all of the outfits are washed, steamed, and ready to go. Hang everything up neatly on Sunday night so that this is one less task you’ll need to take care of. Be sure to factor in the weather in your decisions for each day. Remember to set out your workout clothes as well.

2. Avoid Multi-Tasking

If you want to complete a task, focus on that task until it’s done. Do your best to block out everything else and focus. When you’re able to compartmentalize your focus, you’ll naturally get more done. Plus, you’ll make fewer mistakes because that task has your full, undivided attention. If you’re spending quality time with your child or your partner, don’t try to do other tasks at the same time. Not only is it disrespectful to the other person, but it robs you of the ability to remain in the moment.

3. Outsource Time-Sucking Tasks

Take a look at the tasks that tend to take the longest. See if it’s possible to outsource some of those tasks. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider using the best meal delivery in Vancouver to ensure that you’re enjoying healthy meals without losing a ton of time. If you and your child are struggling with high school math, hire a tutor to come and help them. With the right assistance, the task gets done without major meltdowns and long hours.

4. Prioritize Rest and Exercise

Rest and exercise are incredibly essential components of a healthy life. If you don’t prioritize those two activities, it’ll play out in the way you’re able to show up in your own life. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll become less alert and present when it’s time to get things done. You’ll feel groggy and constantly exhausted. If you’re used to living in a state of total exhaustion, know that this isn’t a great way to live.

Develop a healthy sleep regimen, and stick to it each night. Additionally, it’s important to find ways to incorporate physical exercise into your routine. Physical exercise helps with weight maintenance, heart health, and physical strength. If you’d like to feel vivacious, youthful, and capable, support your body’s ability to get through your weekly routine by maintaining a consistent exercise regimen.

5. Set Reminders on Your Phone

When you’re in charge of your schedule, it’s really easy to get off track. If you’re someone who scrolls through social media apps, looks up, and realizes hours have passed, you’ll need to set reminders on your phone to keep you on schedule. Before you begin a task, set the timer.

If you’d like to spend 20 minutes with a good book, set the timer on your phone and get started. When you’d like to clean the kitchen after dinner, set the timer for 15 minutes. When you know that a timer is moving, it helps you to become more conscious of your time. Even if you’d like to scroll through social media apps for a few minutes, set the timer for 10 minutes. Once it goes off, put the phone down and move on to the next task.


As you cultivate a great routine, you’ll develop a regimen that helps you become the best version of yourself. With consistency and creativity, you might discover a few more hacks to make the current routine even better. As long as they help you enhance the quality of your everyday life, bring on all of the hacks.