5 Unique Ideas To Have An Uncommon Wedding


Some people need to keep things traditional. It is how they define themselves and it would be way out of character to have a wedding that doesn’t tick all the usual boxes.

Others are more quirky so a traditional wedding would look way out of place for them, as well. For those people, more creativity is needed to have their guests understand what makes them tick and to also have a great experience at the same time.

From unusual groomsmen gift ideas from stores like the Groomsshop to offbeat entertainment, here are some ideas to jazz up your wedding and make it memorable.

1 – Hire a magician

Wedding bands and DJs can make for a great wedding experience when you have the right ones. The wrong ones and it is simply a forgettable experience. Hiring a magician, on the other hand, is a very memorable way to entertain your guests.

What kind of magician will be determined by what your guests are like. Some of them can be a little risque so make sure if your guests are more staid that you don’t go for one that will offend.

2 – Dance lessons

If any of the weddings that we have been to are an indication, then 90% of the human population cannot dance.

That’s why dance lessons are a great way to have a fun, interactive and informative wedding reception. Especially since people will have lower inhibitions because of the drinking that usually goes on, people will be quite ready to loosen up and get their tango on.

3 – Contests

A good DJ will be more like an Emcee of your wedding reception. He should be able to host some contests much like game shows. Remember the game show the Newlywed Game? Something like that would be a lot of fun.

Other contests that would work are scavenger hunts and even a dance off

4 – Murder mystery

Back in the 1990’s murder mystery dinners were all the rage. In it, a member of the dinner would be “murdered” and the guests would not know who the killer is. Then they would have to try to solve the murder.

You’ll need a special caterer to handle something like this to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

5 – Food trucks

Speaking of catering, why not try something different for the food option instead of a sit down formal dinner.

Food trucks are always fun and exciting. Tacos, BBQ, burgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches go down a treat when the drinks are flowing.

You’ll want to have more than one since nobody wants to stand in line for long and because one truck may run out of food.


Use these ideas as a launching point. Take them and run with it. There are so many ways to celebrate a wedding and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

After all, a wedding is a celebration of a couple’s love and then share it with the people they care about. Whatever your idea of a celebration is should be itself celebrated.