Book Publishing Services: Publish A Book With A Publisher

Book Publishing Services

Publishing a book is a dream for many people. New technologies and the promotion of digital printing have facilitated the process, which makes publishing your book an achievable goal. And book publishing services are an ideal investment. 

Many reasons can drive a person or an entity to publish a book. Having a published book symbolizes prestige and generates a better professional reputation. However, only some know how to publish a book. There are numerous cases in which looking for publishers to publish a book correctly has driven an author since it is essential where to publish a book. It is possible to publish a book for free, but finding a team of professionals and book publishing services is always advised.

Today, we want to explain in which cases it is helpful to publish a book and why to choose book publishing services. In addition, we review all the critical points of the on-demand edition of a book. This process provides a plus of quality and professionalism beyond self-publishing.

How to publish a book with book publishing services

Suppose you ask yourself, “how do you publish a book in a publishing house”. In that case, we always talk about book publishing services to publish your book with quality criteria, putting your text in the hands of professionals so that they give it the format your literary work or non-fiction book deserves. 

We will review some questions about how to publish a book with book publishing services. Yes, the process is extensive, and it begins with the work of creation and does not have a fixed end. The book can continue to be sold and distributed vastly over time. That would be ideal.

Write a book

Of course, the necessary step before publishing a book is to write a book. It depends on the type of book, and one person or another can do its genre. Logically, let’s talk about fictional genres. They must be a person with a gift for words, who dominates the book genre in question and who has the imagination to create a plot or literary argument. On the other hand, if we are talking about a business book or a technical book, you must be an expert on the subject that will be discussed and who also has developed writing skills.

Publish a book

After writing a book, the next step is to publish it with book publishing services. Some resort to writing as a therapeutic technique or simply as an activity to enhance their creativity. But we understand that if you are here, you want that work, which arose as a spark in your mind, to reach the readers.

When you have a manuscript to submit, the next phase begins: publishing a book. Many options currently exist. What will be the best option for your work? Only you have the answer.

In what cases is it good to publish a book?

There are numerous professional reasons for publishing a book using book publishing services. The number of professionals who have joined the self-publishing phenomenon is increasing.

In addition to improving your curriculum through publishers to publish my first book, it can be a product to sell in your classes, conferences, and performances, through your professional website or to lay the foundations of a method devised by you.

Book publishing services also serve to strengthen your brand. But it is essential to do it with quality. If you want to save money, all you have to do is publish a free book with templates to lay out your book in word, but do you think this is the quality criterion that your book, brand or company deserve?

A place for everything

In the same way that Vegan pies are not sold at every bakery, you cannot go to any publisher with your work. Publishers publish things sparingly; most have a brand image and a genre or style of books they usually publish.

The large publishing houses have specialized stamps. That does not mean that there are no exceptions. For example, WriterCosmos will publish your novel when you choose our book publishing services.

In the same way, some publishers seek to fish among television celebrities, and others take care of their catalog so that there is no “commercial literature.” Before you send your book to publishers, you should make a list of all of them. Take an Excel sheet and write down, among other things:

  •         Publisher Name
  •         Publishing genre
  •         Do you accept manuscripts
  •         Publisher name (if present)
  •         Manuscript reception form

Do not send to send. Take a good look. If you need more clarification, check our catalog, and if you still have doubts, contact us and ask for book publishing services.

This phase requires time and research. If you want to enter the publishing market, the least you can do is get to know it.

Submit your manuscript

Now comes the part we’ve all been waiting for. Submit the manuscript. But like everything, writing a book and publishing it has its rules. Do you remember the last point of the Excel of the publishers? That one is important.

How do you send your manuscript to the publisher? Well, it will depend on what you put at that point. Each publisher has meant. Some want to receive the complete manuscript in PDF; others want it finished in any DOC-type format. Some prefer a comprehensive editorial proposal. Others want a cover letter and a few chapters or pages of the work to make an assessment.

You must enter the publisher’s website and read the manuscript submission requirements. Also, you must ensure they accept manuscripts; otherwise, they will go straight to the trash. Always use a neutral tone when addressing publishers. Don’t be a cast, but don’t be too funny. If you write an email, address the editor by his name whenever you can. Introduce yourself and tell what you want in the editorial without going around the bush.

An email with conditions

When writing an email, you must be direct. You have to convince, but without going overboard. The editors don’t care that your childhood dream was to be a writer. That will come with the back covers and the interviews. Now you have to hook them and sell yourself.

Publishers receive hundreds of emails every day. You are not the only one who dreams of publishing a book. If you waste their time, it will go to the wastebasket. Tell them why you’ve chosen their publisher, what you like, and your reasons for publishing with them. Explain the reason for your email. Try to contribute something. Wait to tell you that you want to publish. Tell them you are working on your novel and would love to publish it. Of course, leave your contact information at the end of the email.

An editorial proposal

Some publishers will ask you to send them an editorial proposal. The proposals allow you to develop the relevant information and complement a cover letter. Editorial submissions are typically made up of the following:

  • Name of the author and title of the work.
  • Two or three pages with the synopsis and the plot summarized in a couple of lines. You have to present a clear summary to visualize your work.
  • The index and one or two chapters as a first contact (which is why it is so essential that your first chapters engage).
  • Brief literary resume. In this part, you can talk about presence in anthologies, awards and appearances in the media.

You can offer a few market data. Does your genre sell a lot? Is there a novel with a similar theme that has been a bestseller? Show your editors that you know what you’re about.


Writing and publishing a book with a publisher can be difficult, but possible when you choose book publishing services. Like everything in this life, it has its science. You have to be clear about the steps you must take and the right direction. We’ve already helped you with that. Now it’s your turn to get going.