The Trilby and the Fedora Hat – It’s Essential to Know the Difference

Trilby and the Fedora Hat

Today, no one wears a hat to adhere to any social norm or code. That used to be a thing of the past. In the recent times, people wear a hat because they want to appear stylish and well-turned out. There are several hat makers that have come up with attractive hat collections both for men and women, who can select based on their choice and style preference. When it comes to the best hats that both men and women often wear, one has to take a look at the trilby and fedora. 

If you are a hat enthusiast, you will find that there is a striking similarity between the trilby and the fedora hat. But there are certain differences, and you might wonder what they are. Specific subtleties mark a difference between the trilby and the fedora. In order to have a clear understanding of the differences between the trilby and fedora hat styles, you will have to know about its background, the materials and other variations in the construction of both hats. 

The hat history

Both the trilby and the fedora hat styles have always been compared, thinking they have the same origin stories. If you delve deep, the fedora made the debut as the most preferred accessory of a titular character in the play Fedora, written by Victorien Sardou in 1882. In a similar way, the trilby got famous because of the novel Trilby by George du Maurier’s, which is a stage adaptation done in 1894. However, the fedora somehow declined during the mid-20th century, as it was less fashionable. Are you wondering why this happened? It’s because, during 1970s the trend of moving out without a hat was becoming popular, till such time the hat made a resurgence in the early 1980s, which brought it back to fashion. Recently, popular celebrities like Brand Pitt and Justin Timberlake got spotted wearing trilby hat. On the other hand, it’s Johnny Depp, who seems to making the fedora famous. 

The hat materials

Even though you might see that there are specific exceptions to the rule, the fedoras and the trilby hats are composed of different materials. The trilby hats, that project a casual style, generally gets made using stylish yet affordable materials such as wool and straw. On the other hand, fedora hats get made using wool, high-end fur or even the Panama weave. If you think both the hats are attractive, you might wonder when you should wear these two hats. Here’s what can give you some clarity and perspective – in case you are searching for something casual and classy, you can either select a trilby or a fedora. But if you want to look classy and appear sophisticated, the ideal choice here is the fedora. 

The style and construction

Are you wondering what are both hat styles all about! The truth is that the visual differences between two hat styles can be subtle. It’s to detect it, the moment you are clear what you are searching for. The fedora hat comes with the deep center dent, pinched crown and the teardrop shape. However, the trilby comes with a center dent and has a teardrop crown when it comes to the trilby. Also, the hat brim size, will clearly indicate whether the hat is a fedora or a trilby. The fedoras come with bigger brims that can get snapped down or up for creating various looks. The trilby brim is short and gets fixed in the angular position, creating a stunning dramatic effect. 

The time for final decision

Are you finding it challenging, to decide whether you should opt-in for a fedora or a trilby hat? Are you thinking which one is going to be correct for you? If yes, then the best way is to try both. These hats are timeless and happily co-existed across the ages and each comes with a distinctive merit that can make the hats apt for multiple situations. You can be searching for a classy fedora to wear when you are walking into a jazz gathering downtown! Alternatively, you could be also happy to flaunt a black trilby and pair it with your best jeans and go for a lunch date. Both the styles are great and you can choose depending on your mood. The trilby and the fedora hat will give you an edge and make you appear distinctive. 

The buying guideline

Now that you are all set to buy both or either of the hat, you need to choose the correct hat maker. Today, you will find some of the best hat makers online. However, it is essential to do your research and ensure that you select the correct online hat store. Read the reviews and ask your queries before making the final decision. Furthermore, research the price and also make price comparison so that you don’t end up paying more. Last but not least, neither should you buy a cheap hat adaption because it came at a good discount.