4 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space In Every Season

Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space In Every Season

In many gardening magazines, they give you tips on how to winterize your garden to basically put it to sleep until the spring. And that is a shame as your outdoor space should be enjoyed at any time. Day or night, winter or summer.

The more fresh air we get, the better our lives are including our health. With that in mind I encourage everybody to set their garden or balcony up to be used all the time.

With some planning in mind you can have your garden go through the year with just a few changes with each change of season.

In this article, I will help you take some steps to lift your mood using your garden at any time of year.

1 – Add a water fixture

The spring, summer and fall are all times that you can enjoy having the sound of running water in your garden by adding an outdoor water fountain.

It doesn’t matter what size garden you have as there are fountains of every size. You can even choose from wall mounted fountains to save space if you only have a balcony.

You’ll need a plumber to set them up and you will need to shut it off in the winter. Don’t worry as there are other features to enjoy in the colder months when the water would freeze.

2 – Add some heat

There is nothing better than sitting out in your cozy garden with a blanket and a bottle of wine with your loved one while a fire burns in front of you.

There are a number of ways you can heat your outdoor area to enjoy it in the winter. The easiest and most space saving is a firepit. There are some made of cast iron that are ready to go, or you can build one yourself in the ground surrounded by stones or bricks.

Then there are even full sized fireplaces that can heat a large area. If you plan to cook for friends outside even when things get chilly then you’ll want something big.

3 – Light it up

Setting up some lights outside will make it an inviting space any time of year, even when it starts getting dark early.

Decide what kind of mood you want to create and then you’ll know what kind of lights to get. In the summer, some tiki torches are great as they provide soft lighting while also keeping mosquitoes away at the same time.

Otherwise, some LED lights scattered around can set a modern vibe.

4 – Weatherproof furniture

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can keep you from enjoying your garden in comfort when you have weatherproof furniture to lounge on. Back in the day, people loved rattan, but it can get waterlogged. Now you can recreate the look with resin based rattan chairs and sofas.

If you have any cushions or pillows on them then you may want to have a cover for the inclement weather at least.