Top Commercial Interior Designs to Look Out for This Year

Top Commercial Interior Designs to Look Out for This Year

Designing an office space can be tricky and complex business. An office must not only be aesthetic but also cost-effective and efficient. It should reflect your efficiency and allow your visitors to engage with the staff with ease.

However, the design requirements in commercial properties is evolving at a manic pace. Therefore, businesses must adapt to these changes to create an impression of a modern and functional workspace for not just its clients but also the employees.

When you are trying to find interior design companies in UAE, make sure you incorporate the following design concepts and trends to keep your work place practical and visually pleasing.

Dark tones

Nature-induced deep tones are calming and productive. Research indicates that using the right colours in your workspace can have an impact on your employee’s efficiency. At the same time, deep tones are also the flavour of the year. Consider adding shades like dark charcoal greys with a mix of green to create an impactful design. You can also use taupe and ivory to create a balance of shades. Some design experts also recommend adding a pop of colour, like red and yellow, to make your office look more lively.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have been used in offices to create a dramatic design effect. But if you want to err on the side of caution, you can consider using small scale designs to add some personality and textures to your office décor. When done the right way, they can have a lasting impact on your visitors. Avoid using large geometric patterns as they are outdated and can be sometimes distracting.

Ergonomic designs

Gone are the days when the primary consideration in buying office furniture was cost over comfort. However, with long working hours and demanding schedules, it is advisable to invest in long-lasting ergonomic furniture that can be adjusted to suit the human form to provide comfortable workspace. You can also look into standing desks and adjustable hand/arm rests for greater employee comfort.

Don’t forget to check for quality as ergonomic furniture pieces can be slightly expensive. To get the best value for your money, you must only invest in quality pieces only. Look for durable materials, such as metal finishes, tempered glass, rustic wood, etc.

Mix and match

Interior designers these days are moving from conventional design concepts and experimenting with different styles. One of the most common themes is to use multiple patterns and quirky combinations to make the space look interesting and unique. Don’t hesitate to consider options like non-matching floor tiles in your décor.

Multi-purpose designs

As a business owner, your main objective is always to get more return on your investment. Needless to say, companies are always on the lookout for design concepts that can help them save money. Luckily, commercial interiors offer number of options in multi-purpose designs that can serve various purposes for the cost of one. For example, filing cabinets can double up as sliding seats or lounge chairs with tablet arms to help employees work even without their desk.

Environment-friendly designs

With increased pressure on companies to incorporate eco-friendly designs to meet their social responsibility targets, there is an impetus to look for commercial décor options that help you achieve that objective. For example, newer designs in glass look can help you create an illusion of space and also provide insulation during inclement weather. A lot of new designs are available in the market, such photovoltaic glass, that incorporate solar cells on the window surface. This helps you tap on to the solar energy, making you energy-efficient and also help you reduce your dependency on commercial supply of power.

Collaborative approach

The modern employees no longer want to work in an isolated cubicle, making networking and communication challenging with their co-workers. Therefore, contemporary office designs are adopting a collaborative approach in their interior design to develop open work spaces. For instance, you will notice that the desks are separated with transparent panels and the partitions can be removed to allow easy communication between colleagues.

While it may not always be possible for commercial properties to incorporate all these modern design elements and undergo complete overhaul. However, you can consider making multiple small changes to make your office look more aesthetic and functional at the same time.

That is why it is crucial to hire the right interior designer for the job who can understand your budget design requirements to give you an ultimate office space. Do keep all these points in mind and discuss it with a professional to know what can be practically and affordably incorporated in to your office design layout.