Selling Your Home? 5 Ways to Guarantee a Quick Sale

5 Ways to Guarantee a Quick Sale

If you’re one of the lucky people who have lived in your home for years and loved every moment, it can be more than bittersweet when it is time to sell it and move on. Your home might be everything you needed it to be in the past, but now it’s just too small – or you could need to move states for work reasons and now you need to let her go.

Whatever your reason for selling is, the one thing that stays constant is that you are ideally looking for a quick sale. There are five ways that you can guarantee that, and they’re not complicated:

Repaint Exterior

As much as we love our homes, we get used to their little quirks and call them character. Peeling exterior paint that forms the state of Texas might remind you of your hometown, but it will remind potential buyers that they can offer you less than your asking price.

A quick coat of paint will have your house looking shiny and new again. Don’t buy the most expensive kind, but don’t buy the cheapest either – a good quality, mid-range paint will do the trick.

Maintenance-Free Yards

Do a quick once-over with a landscaping professional in your front and back yards. The aim here is to either remove any plants or trees that pose a danger to the house or surrounding walls, or are too high-maintenance to keep.

Keep your yards looking simple and inviting – if your buyer prefers a more high-maintenance look, then they will always have your blank canvas to work from.

Home Insurance

When shopping for your new home, ensure that it has extensive home warranty coverage. Check out an American Home Shield review to get a better idea of what you can expect. You should always take out additional coverage to cover your existing pool and spa as well – that way all potential buyers will know that everything they’re buying is ready to use.

Always remember that insurance and warranty plans are the cornerstones for true peace of mind in the home.


Home staging might sound like something that only works on TV, but that could not be furtherer from the truth if it tried. Bring in a professional interior designer for some pointers on home to give your house a neutral makeover – that’s a design choice that is sure to speed up an offer to purchase.

Remove any personal items from the house before it goes on show, you might think it’s cute and displays the house’s potential but all it does is make people feel like they’re walking through someone else’s house and that can make them uncomfortable.


Home gadgets like Wi-Fi lights and fans, and security systems are a quick and affordable way to make your house more appealing to buyers. Gadgets never fail to increase offers in the home market and if they can serve a higher purpose than simply reading out the news to you – then that is even better.

Spend a little in this area to make a lot you’ll be glad that you did. Here is wishing you the speediest of sales!