XLM Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction for 2022-2027

XLM Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction for 2022-2027

XLM Stellar Future in 5 Years

Ever since bitcoin gained popularity, thousands of altcoins emerged trying to jump on the money wagon. Unfortunately, very few of them deserve attention. So, is Stellar Lumens (XLM) worth your time?

According to the Stellar Lumens price prediction published by Godex experts, the answer is yes. This article provides basic information on XLM price movement and forecasts for the next five years. If you are thinking about investing in this crypto, make sure to read these XLM Stellar price insights first!

Factors That Influence XLM Price

Stellar was launched by Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Ripple. That’s why many people draw comparisons between the two currencies, but they come with many distinctions. XLM or Stellar Lumens is a native crypto that powers the Stellar open-source payment network. This decentralized protocol offers a fast and simple way of transferring between digital and fiat currency. It supports domestic and international transfers.

Before we discuss the XLM Stellar price fluctuations, it’s important to understand how the market forms the value of any crypto. The main relevant factors include:

  • Popularity. The experts call it adoption, and it basically comes down to the number of users accepting that currency. The value increases as more people start using the crypto.
  • Social impact. The latest joke Elon Musk made about Dogecoin on Twitter boosted the price of this crypto. Huge market news related to a particular currency or the entire crypto world can affect each individual asset.
  • Competition. If there are multiple currencies in the market, this can hinder the growth rate for all involved crypto.

XLM is an intriguing cryptocurrency and quite unique compared to others. Here are some strong sides of Stellar:

  • It’s an inclusive payment network that aims to ensure universal participation and access to the worldwide economy.
  • The team behind the currency seems capable, and they even signed a partnership with IBM for their Hyperledger project.
  • Stellar network supports ICOs, which means others can use this blockchain for their own token.

From the perspective of users, this can be important for XLM:

  • The transactions only last a couple of seconds. That’s because the network’s consensus protocol doesn’t require all participants to validate the transfer.
  • Transfers are cheap. It only takes 0.00001 XLM to finalize the transactions.
  • There is a smart contract function. Stellar’s smart contracts are based on turrets, which is more efficient than Ethereum. 

All above-mentioned factors can positively affect XLM price, but does it mean it has future potential?

XLM’s Price History

Before we focus on the future, let’s take a look at the past. XLM entered the market in 2014, and its price was around $0.002. The currency’s value didn’t change much until 2017. That’s when the first huge leap occurred as the value went to $0.06 on May 21. At the end of 2017, XLM was valued at $0.36, and it was only three days later when it reached its peak. The currency’s price skyrocketed to $0.93 following the announcement of their partnership with IBM. 

It wasn’t realistic to remain that high, and Stellar’s value stabilized over the coming years. The most encouraging fact here is that its low was back in 2015, and the currency has maintained a higher value ever since.

XLM Price Prediction 2021

At the moment of writing, the XLM Stellar price varies between $0.3 and $0.4. If we consider that it started the year at $0.13, that’s almost a 300% improvement. There was even a time when the currency reached $0.73 in May.

There are less than two months left in 2021, so it’s safe to presume XLM value won’t change that much. The coin might go through a price increase around the holidays since people might look for affordable ways to make transactions. However, anything beyond claiming Stellar will go above $0.50 would be foolish.

Future Price of XLM in 2022-2027

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and it’s almost impossible to give a long-term prognosis for XLM Stellar price. The good news is most forecast and information agencies (The Economy Forecast Agency (EFA), Wallet Investor, Coinpedia, etc.) agree that Stellar is in for a positive run over the next four years. Here is how things might unfold.

  • 2022. XLM value continues going up and down but remains above $0.3. If the market does well overall, it could happen that Stellar finally breaks the $1 mark.
  • 2023. Stellar continues to prove itself as one of the few reliable altcoins. Its high increases to $1.5, while its value doesn’t go under $0.9.
  • 2024. XLM continues signing deals with reputable companies. The effort of the team leading this currency sees its peak increasing $2. The lowest value shouldn’t go below $1.3.
  • 2025. This could be the year of stabilization following the big leaps forward in the previous years. The peak might reach $2.5, but the price could go back and forth to $1.5.
  • 2026-2027. If the overall crypto forecast is positive, XLM will continue its growth. This time it could go beyond $3 and stabilize above $2.

Overall, XLM price is expected to rise according to expert predictions.

Will XLM Go Up?

It seems that all experts agree that Stellar will go up in the next five years. Compared to the price when it entered the market, today it is nearly 200 times higher. Plus, XLM hasn’t gone back to its low since 2015. 

There are other encouraging factors, such as partnerships with world-known companies. Many argue that Stellar also has much better technical capabilities than Ripple. That means it could surpass XRP’s all-time high, which is $3.4.

If you need an investment opportunity, Stellar can be a wise choice. If you are patient enough and use the right moment to trade, your profit can go over 800% in a few years. Don’t forget to regularly check the cryptocurrency converter – Godex.io to discover the current XLM value.