10 BEST Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

BEST Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

To Spy an Android phone, it’s important to take permission from the device owner. Once that’s done, you can install a third-party Spy app.

Day by day we are finding technology to be a constant development. It is not more than two decades that the mobile phone was discovered. Previously it was that ‘qwerty’ keyboard phone that came into the market. And it did not take even a decade from inventing that phone to completely digitalizing it. Now, keyboard phones are almost on extinction. Smartphones are the new things with different new features being added to them. The more advanced the phone, the more expensive it gets and the more important source of information it becomes. Losing such a phone is almost losing a body part; maybe even more. Besides, these days’ phones are in every hand- from kids to adults. It is not that it is a luxury; however, it has become important to be in touch with them. 

Then again, one cannot rely on the kids completely with the phone as they might get attracted or trapped in some undesirable activities. They need to be tracked by the elders from such malign. However, there has been some software created with which one can stop losing information that their phone is a storehouse of. Besides the invention of the cloud store, there are phone spy apps. Here, we will discuss the possible nook and corners of phone spy apps- what is it, why is it important for the phones, and a list of 10 best phone spy apps (both for Android and iPhones). The article ends with a couple of FAQs regarding the topic followed by a conclusion. 

What is a Spy App?

Spy apps can be defined as the ‘police of smartphones. These are software that can be used to help someone track the activity of the smartphones they wish to keep an eye on. With the help of these apps, one can monitor three important information about the phone- the call records, the SMS record, and the location of the phone (by using real-time). As these apps are unable to be noticed or tracked by the end-user, these are named spy apps.

Importance of the Spy Apps

With the help of these apps, one can track multiple things that they would not be able to do without. 

Firstly, today’s kids are smarter than their parents; when it comes to operating smartphones. They can get indulge in activities through the phone which they are supposed not to be doing as per their age. In general, it can be anything that is beyond their age. As a result, one can fall into nasty traps. The parents must keep a check on that. And the spy apps for the phone can do it perfectly. 

Secondly, our phones can get lost anytime, anywhere. And later they can be used for any other wrong purposes. To make sure that does not happen; to track your own phone’s A-Z, these spy apps are required to be installed in smartphones.

Thirdly, if we consider it for a good and advantageous purpose, a provision that is possible to avail for every smartphone and android phone, why restrain oneself from availing this good opportunity! 

Now, in the market, there are numbers of phone spy apps, most of which are trash and bug for the phone itself. Below is a list of the best and authentic phone spy apps for Android and iPhones in 2021. 

10 Best Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

#1. MSpy

MSpy is one of the smoothest hidden-phone trackers that can be used hassle-free without the knowledge of the end-user. With the tool’s ability to track the GPS location of the device, anyone can understand where one is going while having the phone with them. Checking message history with the help of this software is very easy. 

MSpy Feature:

  • The application is associated with encryption and protection of the data.
  • The software runs in the background of the device. 
  • The app provides support in multiple languages. 
  • The activity map of the target device is being generated every 5 minutes.
  • With the help of this app, one can easily track incoming and outgoing messages. 
  • It also helps in tracking multimedia monitoring of the targeted device.


i) The subscription plan offer is too expensive- monthly €26.99 /(basic plan) and €59.99/month (premium plan).

ii) The device is required to be a rooted Android phone.

iii) Offered features for the Android mobile are limited in number. 

#2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is the most popular and active Monitoring Software to be used for any multimedia devices including computers, phones, and tablets. For the Android and iPhone, it also has a mobile viewer app. 

FlexiSPY Features:

  • This app runs in hidden mode.
  • It offers parental control and surveillance.
  • The online activities of the employees can be tracked through this device.
  • It stops certain software from being uninstalled; 
  • There is no hassle in installations; also it cannot be deactivated or uninstalled from the device. 
  • It automatically updates and sends different remote commands from the Web and Network. 
  • It accesses a safe and secure key combination on the device. 
  • With this tool installed in the device, the user’s log-in to log out activities can be completely tracked. 
  • The software provides dashboard alerts as well. 


i) It needs Jailbreak in iOS and root for Android phones.

ii) Too much expensive; it costs $349 which is too high for a phone spy app. 

iii) Some of the features are vague; ethically unsound and certain other features like live interception and camera access are lousy. 

#3. Clevguard

Clevguard is almost the same service as MSpy, with a few additional features. With this app installed on your children’s devices, one can track the activities and files from anywhere, any time. This site can create a geofence at the targeted device; so that whenever the online activity of the targeted device is beyond the boundary, it will send an alert to the surveillance device.

Clevguard Features:

  1. This app is compatible with both 3G and 4G networks or even with WiFi.
  2. This device can help you record phone calls. 
  3. With this software installed in the device, it is easy to take screenshots, track GPS location/Wifi location.
  4. It provides support all day and all night long through emails and chats. 
  5. It is available in multiple languages. 
  6. It is also known as ‘KidsGuard Pro’. 
  7. It is available at a very reasonable price; it costs 0.27USD/day. 

Clevguard Limitations:

i) the user interface seems to be backdated. 

ii) There is no provision for a live call or chat support. 

iii) The app lacks transparency. The information on the website lacks major valuable points about the app that can make the consumer think twice before purchasing it.\


If one is to pick the most reliable and trustworthy spy apps, XNSPY is to pick up.  XNSPY not just only monitors the call logs, it also monitors the callbook as well; both on phones and tablets. 

XNSPY Features:

  1. This app applies to all varieties of both Android and iPhone apps. (rooted, non-rooted, jailbreak, no-jailbreak).
  2. It can check the location of the targeted device on the Google Map.
  3. It has the facility to record and listen to phone calls. 
  4. There are some advanced spying features available in this device; like Keylogger that can help monitor one’s keystrokes from any messaging app. 
  5. Online activities like emails, searched tabs, and terms by the user are also possible to track on this device.  
  6. There are more than 30 features to make extensive monitoring of the targeted device. 
  7. It is cost-friendly; the basic edition is $8.33/month and the premium version costs $12.49/month. 
  8. There is a remote app installation support that offers android device users to install their desirable apps to the targeted devices. 

XNSPY Limitations:

i) the license is given per phone; that means for one license; only one phone device can be tracked and traced. 

ii) It is only designed to track smartphones and tablets; there is no provision to track or monitor PC or computers.

#5. Spyzie

Spyzie is considered to be one of the most advanced phone monitoring software, used for all sets of Android and iPhones. This is one such software that can track down all information of the targeted device. It also can track the activities of the phones through WhatsApp. 

Spyzie Features:

  1. With this app, one can see the target device’s screen in just one click. 
  2. It can remotely find out all the photos saved on the device. 
  3. It is possible to check all the activities of the phone at a glance. 
  4. In the targeted device, one can access the detailed call log with the help of this app. 
  5. Online activities along with browser history can be tracked with the help of this software. 
  6. This app has two different costs for two different devices but is moderately costly for both of them. The ultimate version for Android is $49.99/month, the premium version is $39.99/month. The iOS version costs $49.99/month. 

Spyzie Limitations:

i) all the features are not active on all devices; for example, in iPhone, the location tracking is not active at all. 

ii) If the target device user tampers the data, delete it from the respected device Spyzie is not being able to retrieve it from the control panel. 

#6. Appmia

Like other apps, this app is also a mobile spying app with the help of it one can find all the activities of any Android or iPhones. It is comparatively easy to install and run on a target device one wants to spy on. 

Appmia Features:

  • The app has a bunch of very high and innovative features. 
  • Virtual spy on any device from anywhere is possible through this app. 
  • The software provides 24*7 hours of support, for a huge range of mobile platforms. 
  • Several popular media outlets have featured this software as one of the best phone spy apps.
  • With one license, one can track two devices in this software. 
  • The app runs hidden in the background of the device. 

Appmia Limitations:

i) No blocking option is available; only monitoring.

ii) It is a bit expensive; the Premium version costs $194.99 yearly and the lifetime version costs $699.99/year (for tracking two devices together).

iii) No data can be wiped out of the monitored device. And,

iv) Limited numbers of models of Symbian and Blackberry phone supports this app.

#7. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is by far one of the best spy apps in 2021. With a very reasonable charge, this app can be used to cover various spying operations in any android or iPhone. 

MobiStealth Features: 

  1. It offers a broad range of features for a good amount of money. 
  2. There are three different monthly plans for three different OS. Android: (Pro: $16.16., Prox: $26.66); iOS; (Premium:$26.66; Premium Plus: $40); WINDOWS: (Lite: $13.33; Pro: ($20) and for MAC: (Lite $13.33). 
  3. Both desktop and smartphones can be covered under this app. 
  4. Advanced features like Keyloggers, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp are made available for Android devices. 
  5. Through this app, one can monitor both calls and SMS, all day.
  6. There is a stealth mode of this app.
  7. It can track the locations as well as online browsing history.

MobiStealth Limitations:

i) Website or contact blocking is not possible on this site. 

ii) Customers do complain about the installation and activation process a lot. 

iii) No Keyword alter frame is available in this app. 

#8. ISpyoo

ISpyoo is considered the top highest-rated cell phone tracking app this year. It can track audio and video calls together.  Besides, many other features make this app make its position on the list. 

ISpyoo Features:

  1. Video monitoring is available through Viber and Skype on this device. 
  2. Besides, there are location tracking, monitoring SMS activities, call logs, keeping an eye on contacts, photos, emails, internet history, etc and more distinct features of this app. 
  3. There is a free trial version of two weeks as well with no compulsion of downloading it later. 
  4. With just one account, one can track three devices at a time.
  5. There are three different bandwidths of cost planning; Basic ($19.99/month), Premium ($23.99/month), and Gold ($25.99/month)
  6. There are quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions available along with monthly plans. 
  7. This app is very easy to handle.  It is user-friendly and affordable for everyone around the world. 
  8. It is considered the best app for call recording on Android. 

ISpyoo Limitations:

i) For higher cost planning, the devices need to be either rooted or jailbreak. 

ii) Limited support for compatible devices. 

iii) Consumer support is not at all helpful or active; they merely reply to any email or live chap link where one can place their queries and get rid of it.  Phone support is also inactive. 

#9. uMobix

This is one app – uMobix that is more popular for tracking the social media and internet histories of the user or target device. Besides that, all other features of a standard spy app are available in this software. 

uMobix Features:

  1. It provides full access to the target devices in real-time and can screenshot the user’s record from the user’s device. 
  2. It has a live control panel option as well. 
  3. Along with text message monitoring, there is an advanced GPS tracker as well. 
  4. It can give the tracking authority access to the user’s gallery and browser history as well. 
  5. There is a free trial period of 10 days; the plan starts from a very reasonable cost of $29.99 for both Android and iOS users. 

uMobix Limitations:

i) This software looks promising but does not have full-fledged access like the standard spy app. 

ii) There is a high chance that the software can be used for false and hacking purposes. 

#10. SpyBubble

For MAC, Android, and Windows, this app can act as a spy software to keep a track of information and navigation of the associated devices. It is easy to install and runs in the background.   


  • It monitors the chat history of every app installed in the device along with the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. 
  • It can do word and character encryption; hence anything that is typed in the device including passwords can be tracked with this software.
  • The browsing websites can also be tracked through this app. 
  • All the calls can be recorded for monitoring purposes; incoming and outgoing. 
  • It can remote access the camera and it is possible to GPS track the device and the history as well. 
  • It is very easy to use. 
  • It has a stealth mode that keeps the app hidden from the user yet running all the time.
  • There is a 3-day free trial available for this app. 
  • There are two plans- personal ($24.95/month); and professional ($49.99/month).


i) There is no blocking option available on the user’s device; its sole purpose is to track. 

ii) It is quite costly. 


Is it possible to spy on iPhone without installing any of the mentioned software?

Answer: Yes it is possible, to spy on an iPhone without installing the apps. 

How to spy on Android devices?

Answer: Unlike the iPhone, it is not possible to track an Android phone without installing these apps. One needs to install any of the suitable spy apps mentioned above (according to the device roots); then only one can spy on the Android devices they wish to spy on. 

Are the phone Spy apps legal or illegal?

Answer: Installing Spying apps on some others’ phones without their consent is always ethically wrong. It is always important to let the person know whose device is being spied on. 

What is the apt way of selecting a Spy phone app?

Answer: There are two things to check before installing a Spy phone app; the first is the configuration of the phone whether supports the app/software design or not. And secondly, customer support requires to be checked thoroughly before installing the app. 

Is it possible to find out whether one’s phone is being spied or tracked?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. If the user keeps a clean watch on the notification bar and finds out some suspicious-looking app information there, they can understand their phone is being hacked. However, powerful anti-virus programs can detect and remove any kind of malign in the device, including spyware. 


Above the top list of the best phone spy apps, one can use to track Android and iPhone devices in 2021. However, there is a disclaimer to see and follow. 


Spying on anything is an illegal and unethical activity. It is not wrong; for safety and security purposes, spying on phones is often required. However, before starting to spy on any device, it is a must thing to do; to take the person’s consent of whose device is to be tracked. Even if the apps are used to track and trace a minor’s phone, it is a must to let them know that their device is being spied on.