Employee-Friendly Amenities to Consider When Looking to Rent a Del Mar Office

Employee-Friendly Amenities to Consider When Looking to Rent a Del Mar Office

Del Mar is a beautiful city in California that is situated right by the Pacific Ocean bay. It is fondly called the place where “the surf meets the turf.” Famous for its breezy beaches, world-known racetrack, pleasant weather, and upscale living, Del mar is a close-knit and vibrant community in California.

Del Mar is also the most sought-after city situated near San Diego to set up an office space. Since the city has an incredible atmosphere combining the best of its beaches and urban appeal, it provides the best working environment for your employees to be productive.

However, finding the right Del Mar office space for leasing can be challenging, given the vast options you can explore in this city. It’s essential for business owners to look for the right infrastructure facilities and amenities to liberate and empower your employees.

The right office amenities can also make a difference in attracting top talent and keep them committed to the business goals. Here are some great workplace amenities that you should consider when exploring Del mar office spaces for leasing:

Essential Amenities 

With the proliferation of the millennial and Generation-Z workforce in all the workplaces across the US, workplace office amenities have become a popular trend. Nearly one-third of San Diego’s population consists of Millenials, and California is home to the largest share of Millenials.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right Del Mar office, it’s worth paying attention to amenities that impact your workforce’s productivity and performance. It’s recommended to look for the following standard amenities that is a must-have to appeal to the Millenials and other generations alike:

  • Wifi Accessibility across the workspaces
  • Meeting spaces with appropriate tools like whiteboards, projectors, phones, etc.
  • Ample restroom facilities
  • Abundant parking
  • Break rooms and lounge areas that offer a relaxing ambiance
  • Easy entry access for employees with keypad or key entry
  • Open office suites with operable windows and open ceilings to enjoy the all-year-round pleasant weather in Del mar

Nice-to Have Amenities

Apart from amenities essential for your operations, going a step further in providing other appeasing amenities is worth keeping your employees happier. The following features that go beyond the standard office space are extremely beneficial to have:

  • On-site Cafeteria – Employees may prefer to go to nearby local restaurants in Del mar from time to time. But for warm meals, quick bites, convenient snacks, coffee breaks, and beverages, it’s critical to have access to a workplace that comes with an on-site cafeteria.
  • Outdoor Spaces – Due to Del mar being a quaint beachside city with expansive views of the Pacific bay, it would be great to have access to outdoor spaces and patios that can provide you with enthralling views of the city and its beaches. Whenever you need a break after a strenuous task or meeting, you can renew your focus by indulging in a quick breather catching the fresh breeze abundant in Del Mar.
  • Greenery – Plants around the office to promote positive vibes and blending natural elements into the workspace.
  • Surfboard/bike storage and shower facilities – This can be a great perk to attract new talent, especially among beach and fitness enthusiasts in Del Mar.

Quirky Workplace Amenities

If you are a company that wants to go outside the box or have a unique set of employees to cater to, consider the following distinct or unusual amenities that will set you apart:

  • Electric car charging stations – Most locals in Del mar and nearby Californian cities like San Diego commute by cars, and electric cars are common due to the state’s concern over the effects of climate change. Therefore your Del mar office should be able to accommodate modern cars.
  • Unique office layout options – Creative specifications are vital to catch employees’ attention and offer a productive work environment.
  • Recreational rooms for art, projects, and fun activities

Safety Amenities

With the Covid-19 pandemic in Del mar and across the US, it’s also vital to look for office spaces that handle safety protocols essential for preventing outbreaks. Here are some amenities that can assure safety to your employees

  • Social distancing design plans
  • Open workspaces that allow for greater air circulation
  • Independent HVAC systems for acceptable indoor air quality
  • Common access areas rather than enclosed hallways

Choose a Del Mar Office with the Right Amenities

When choosing the right office space in Del mar, make a list of which amenities are most important for you. Personalized and unique amenities can go a long way towards showing employees, clients, and visitors that you value their needs. Therefore consider leasing a Del mar office with employee-friendly amenities that indicate your attention to detail and acceptance of modern trends.

The amenities that you choose will lend a personality to your office space to keep your employees happy and, in turn, help your business succeed.