A Guide to Get Tick Prevention for Your Yard in Madison, MS

A Guide to Get Tick Prevention for Your Yard

Madison ranks as the happiest city in all of Mississippi. Thanks to affordable homes, shorter commutes and a low crime rate, the town holds the number one spot on the list of Best Places to Live in the state.

The city has plenty of offerings that can ensure you enjoy a culture-rich, sophisticated lifestyle. From Pickenpaugh Pottery, Annandale Golf Club to fishing off the Gulf Coast shore, the perks are endless.

While Madison has a small-town charm, it presents a rich history of home designs, from southern-style houses to mid-century modern ranch homes, with verdant yards. And when you have an expansive yard to manage, it is best to include pest control Madison MS, as part of its maintenance. Leading specialists adhere to well-defined pest protocols and help you get rid of menaces like ticks. Here’s a guide to get tick prevention, with an expert’s help, for your yard in Madison.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Considering the high median household income of $99k, yard cleanups in Madison are quite affordable, costing $51 on average.

Leading consultants suggest cutting brush back, maintaining short grass and raking leaves. They inspect your yard and determine the damages endured to decide the best course of action. It ensures your yard is less exposed to ticks, making the other tick prevention steps less cumbersome.

Spray Tick-controlling Chemicals

In Madison, the insecticides used in sprays are either granular or liquid. While the granular jets have chemicals like bifenthrin and permethrin, Pyrethrum pesticides are highly-recommended by experts here.

Professionals use the granular options to ensure that active ingredients don’t drift away from the treatment area. And they use the liquid versions to eliminate ticks from areas without direct sunlight or where tall grasses grow extensively.

Build a Fence in Your Yard

White-tailed deer are common in and around Madison. But except for plants like Yarrow, Boxwood and Morning Glory, deers damage other plants you might have as part of your yard landscape.

Pest control experts work in line with CDC recommendations and suggest constructing a fence in your yard as the best way to keep stray animals out of your property. The reason being that ticks latch onto animals like deer, and with them entering your yard, there are high chances of spreading ticks all over your property. 

Create a Barrier

If you live near Mississippi Petrified Forest, which is about 17 miles from the city center, it is best to build a barrier separating your yard from the rest of the area.

Wooden areas are the breeding grounds for ticks, and a physical block can stop these pests from reaching your yard from the nearby forest. 

Qualified professionals in pest control in Madison MS suggest creating at least a 3-foot-wide barrier of gravel between your yard and the tick-infested regions. 

Know the Tick Territories Near Your Yard

Madison presents some of the most enticing trails in the state, such as the Dr. Robert Smith Sr. Parkway Shared Use Path and Lake Harbor Drive Multi-Use Trail.

Though hiking on such pleasant trails can excite you, you can come in contact with menacing beasts like ticks. 

When you engage top specialists, they will recommend you to be cautious when visiting such tick-friendly areas with wood piles and leaf litter. Such proactive measures ensure you avoid tick migration to your lawn in the first place.

Avoid Over Watering Your Yard

Madison provides water service to nearly 5,000 residential and commercial establishments. But you can also avail of water supply service from the Pearl River Water Supply District and Bear Creek Water Association.

With access to a continuous water supply, you might water your yard to make it lush and vibrant. But overwatering can create a moist environment, which can become a hotbed for tick infestation.

Industry leaders suggest watering your yard area as per the requirement. They recommend checking the drainage system and taking steps to maintain adequate aeration, to avoid ticks from breeding in your yard.

Landscape Your Yard

With creole cottages being a relatively popular Madison home architecture style, locals love to increase its appeal with a picturesque landscape. An online search will show you over 100 professionals offering sophisticated landscaping services in Madison.

You can consult a pest control specialist; they will guide you in picking plants that repel ticks. Leading experts will ask you to go with annual flowers like Geranium and Ageratum, which will indeed make your yard look vibrant and keep it tick-free.

Summing Up

Though Madison is one of the country’s best retirement locations, a tick infestation is a severe concern in this region. You might have chronic Lyme disease in the worst cases if you get bit by a deer tick.

Find a reputable pest control specialist in Madison, MS and keep your yard tick-free to enjoy a posh and healthy lifestyle in your upscale property.