Top Link Building Trends In 2021 After The Recent Google Update

Top Link Building Trends

Blogger outreach services and the guest posting services have always been predominant trends in the SEO market. However, it’s time to move past that. After the recent Google update, there are some Link Building Trends that are becoming way more popular.

Now, the popularity of some Link Building Trends does not negate the prevalence of other trends. But, as Google is focusing more and more on user intent every day, we should also update our marketing skills.

What Are Link Building Trends?

The sole purpose of link building is to enhance the online visibility of a website. It creates high-quality backlinks for a website, and thus the SEO dynamics have changed completely. These one-way hyperlinks can make the website more visible. Blogger Outreach Services, PR marketing, email outreach and the best guest posting services are typical examples of Link Building Trends.

For effective SEO marketing, Link Building Trends are still ruling the market. Since the most challenging part for a website is to rank on Google, these will not be obsolete anytime sooner. If a website has some high authority hyperlinks, it decides the authenticity of the site. It shows the content published there has some value so that readers can give it a shot.

What Are Some Link Building Trends To Learn About After The Recent Google Update?

You can’t always focus on all the Link Building Trends because they keep on changing. They produce organic business growth, but when they become more mainstream, the market tends to saturate. That’s why we should learn about the below trends to strengthen our digital marketing skills more than ever.

1: Cold Outreach Is Not Trending Anymore

Every organization focusing on Link Building Trends knows about Cold Outreach. But what you don’t know is that cold outreach does not generate a notable result. If at least 25% of cold outreach emails are opened, that will be considered a reasonable rate. But, less than 24% of cold outreach emails are opened. And only 8.5% of them generate any output. 

For some companies, replacing cold outreach is impossible because their entire marketing campaign is built on that. So, you people should consider some alternatives. You can send follow-up emails to users once you send the cold outreach emails. Send the emails in the middle of the week to get a high response rate. You can also personalize the mail body’s content.

2: Focus On Unique, And Original Research

Google is not about ranking a website higher just because of the keywords stuffed in it. It is about engaging content that can present some original information. If you are telling what everybody else is speaking, why should your website be ranked higher over others? It’s something to think about, right?

Well, it is. That’s why the recent Link Building Trends are focusing more on original research. That is because unique and original content has the capability of generating tons of backlinks. But, how will you produce great content? You can survey customers on the road and gather their responses. Now, the information that you collect has not been published anywhere yet. So, this original research can make your website rank higher.

3: Don’t Go For The Mundane Press Releases

Previously, digital marketers used to focus on the news releases because they were considered credible over other sites. However, most of these links are non-following, so they are not so effective anymore. The current Link Building Trends focus on backlinks that are generated from the authority websites in the domain.

It’s a win-win scenario for both parties. Usually, we have to pay a lot more money to the press sites to get backlinks. But, if we collect backlinks from industry authority websites, we won’t have to spend too much money behind them. Neither will we have to be stressed about the non-follow links. So, in a way, the recent Google Updates are working in our favor somehow.

4: Are The Non-follow Links Completely Worthless?

That’s the fun part of Google Updates. The non-follow links are not so worthless anymore. Instead, they can provide a practical value to the sites. It grants users a choice whether to pass the credit to another website or not. So, if you want to link a page but don’t want to endorse it, go for the non-follow links.

Previously Google used to discredit the non-follow links completely. But it is now Google’s choice. If the non-follow link directs users to a valuable site, Google credits it. If the link is helpful to your topic and has good anchor texts, it will add tangible value to your site. So, it is one of the most beneficial Link Building Trends of 2021.

Signing Off

The Link Building Trends are updating each day. That’s why the industry has become so much more competitive than in the past era. Now, you may think that Blogger Outreach Services and the best guest posting services are still on demand, so why not focus on those? Of course, you can. But, don’t ignore the recent trends because they will ensure your website’s long-term survival in industries as competitive as the SaaS industry, for more on this visit: