Essential Tips for Digital Marketing Expert in the E-Commerce Industry

Digital Marketing Expert

A decade back, nobody knew much about the term digital marketing. Facebook was the closest thing to how people interacted with one another globally on the Internet. With the passage of time, more entrants came into the market and the virtual world around us eventually evolved. Many new social media platforms emerged, forums and virtual discussion boards became the center of attention, Google and Facebook became the hallmark of advertising and a whole lot more took place… all in just over a decade.

To survive in this competitive world, one must keep their faith game strong. You have to do what you do and you have to do it in the best possible manner. Josh and I, we started off with our e-commerce store 5 years back. At the time, when we began our little venture of selling customized t-shirts, we weren’t actually aware of how much profit we will reap or whether we are even going to expand our businesses. However, times changed and today we have become one of the recognized fashion brands in Ohio.

When we started off, we weren’t really sure what we are doing. In fact, we didn’t even have the slightest idea how potentially powerful can social media actually turn out for our business. During our journey, we learned pretty much a lot of things which happened to remarkably assist us in achieving all our goals. I still remember that summer of 2015 when I was sitting in my patio playing with my dogs lazily and skimming around my social media account and this new term emerged coined as digital marketing.

Now, I am sure that everyone reading this article is pretty familiar with the terminology. So, here are some practical tips which I found helpful in stabilizing my business. I hope they also turn out helpful for you.

Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

More than 80% of Internet users regularly browse the Internet using a smart device. Google has realized the potential of this growing technology and so did we. When my site ranking started falling down to the third and fourth page on some of the primary keywords, it got me all worried. I still remember how Josh kept on telling me to try a different strategy or contact some SEO services agency to resolve the problem for us. But, with a bit of my own research and not heeding much attention to what Josh had to say, I realized that Google has changed its algorithm. Google was preferring more mobile-ready websites rather than websites which were simply designed for laptop views. So, me and Josh, we went all the way and transformed our expanding e-commerce store into a mobile-ready platform.

Use Power Editor to Manage Facebook Ad

If you are using Facebook to market your product, then the only to attract potential prospects to your business is through advertising. Initially, me and Josh, we both struggled in winning the loyalty of our customers and by investing a whole lot of budget in marketing, we actually did see an increase in our sales. But, we always had a snuff when we realized that we couldn’t earn their loyalty and after a single purchase, they have chosen to walk away. With Power Editor in hand, things started to change for us. Facebook offers this amazing ad management tool which is optimized incredibly to be used with Google Chrome. With Power Editor, you can optimize bidding, create custom audiences, perform accurate device targeting, even add a central image library to your adverts and do a whole lot more.

Track Real-Time Customer Behavior on Your Website

You can track real-time customer behavior of incoming traffic on your e-commerce store and then make instant changes to your marketing strategy. Technology trends are undergoing swift development in real-time and when you are collecting information from customers, it helps you to create more engaging ecommerce marketing ideas for your online store. When we launched our ecommerce store, we didn’t realize the potential of tracking customer data, but Josh soon pointed out how experimenting with different customer type and observing them can help us build the most perfect ecommerce store. Soon, I found myself adjusting sales by simply customer behavior patterns. Sorting popular orders, filtering out traffic sources and segmenting best value customers are some ways which can give a boost to your advertising efforts. It isn’t a one day job and took quite some time but the end-reward was really worth the hassle.

Create Personalized Emails to Target Specific Audience

Now since you are about to collect data and assemble it all in one place, you can always use that data to perform a number of tasks. Start with creating crafty personalized emails so you can target specific audiences who have previously made purchases on your online store. Not just that but you can also target website visitors who added items to a cart; however, they did not make a purchase. Just send them a quick email with a discount offer and you will simply be amazed how many of them will complete their transactions. Unlike a physical business which may not be able to target a lost customer, ecommerce stores can leverage this opportunity in their favor and make a bang for their buck within no time.

While Blogging, Keep Long-Tail Keywords in Mind

We started publishing blogs on our e-commerce store and realized that suddenly our blog page suddenly started seeing less traffic. So, me and Josh, we did a bit of research on our own and realized that almost 80% of the website traffic coming to our website belongs to 4-5 published articles. We found out that these articles contain some “long-tail” keywords which are really getting the attention. So we realized that the next time we pay up for pay-per-click traffic, we need to keep in mind what kind of long-tail keywords we are choosing and how we are adjusting them into our content.

Market Your Business beyond Geographical Boundaries

When we started off with our business, Josh and I, we always focused on targeting customers who are living in the same neighborhood. We had a mindset that deliveries would be quicker and we can personally interact with our customers. Though it wasn’t a bad idea we soon found ourselves moving linearly horizontal on the profit line. We thought of expanding our business and soon realized it would be better to target customers who are living in other states of Canada. Imagine what an E-commerce store such as Amazon is doing? How Ali Baba is landing a good number of sales and beating down the market? If they can do that, then why can’t we! We can do the same. By doing a bit of research we found all the essentials we needed to expand our business! No wonder, it became successful.

So above stated are some digital marketing practices which you and your buddies can follow. An ecommerce store is a tricky business… It can give you a good amount of profit during the holiday seasons, but you just might lack giving it the same exposure throughout the year. So, make sure that you follow the above-stated tips and just like us, build a thriving store for yourself the next year.