What is Keyword Topic Clustering? How Can You Use It For Effective SEO?

Keyword Topic

With the search giants emerging to be more complicated, getting a higher rank on Google search has now become more challenging than ever. Unlike the conventionally used techniques by SEO services, merely using the right keywords is not enough.

You need to adhere to the advanced Google algorithm in order to compete in the competitive market and leverage the right SEO services.

What is Keyword Topic Clustering?

Topic clusters have emerged as one of the popular blogging trends. If done effectively, it can help you in improving your SEO ranking. Many SEO services use topic clustering to help rank their websites on top. Topic clustering is an assortment of various content pieces that is present on the website and connected to one broad subject known as the pillar content. Google has modified the previously used techniques by SEO services. In order for you to be successful in the fierce market, you need to change the blogging pattern. You need to create a pillar content where all the other subtopics will revolve around the pillar content. This helps you in providing comprehensive information on a specific subject matter.

For instance, you are preparing a blog on the topic ‘ digital marketing’ so you can incorporate sub-topics like display advertising, social media advertising, and mobile marketing.

This also makes your content more structured, informative and engaging to the customers. If you leverage credible SEO services for the same, you can expect better rank and attract more traffic.

Benefits of Keyword Topic Clustering

One of the main benefits of implementing a topic cluster is that you need to have in-depth knowledge of the topic, consequentially; your customers will also get more informative blogs. This will also help you to get more engagement.

The more informative your blog, the higher will be the engagement and traffic generation. All these will contribute to getting higher search engine rankings. Additionally, this will provide a structure to your blog and better connectivity among the sub-topics and different pages of your website.

How Can You Use It For Effective SEO Services?

Before understanding the effectiveness of topic clustering, you need to understand your customers or the user searching for you.

It is observed that chaos is created in the display result by starting the users search with interrogative words like ‘what’, ‘why’, how, etc.

In order to make the search more effective and let the user get the relevant content, Google has decided to change its algorithm. Rather than keywords, the Google algorithms now focus more on the structure of the site and display in the most relevant content to its user.

For instance,  a user wants to search for strategy for digital marketing, as soon as he or she types the keyword, the result displayed will range from what is digital marketing to the strategy for digital marketing.

The user will then filter the relevant content. This will provide visitors with a wide range of information that continues to stay relevant to their search. Moreover, it will be more convenient and in-line if the result displayed to the user only talks about the strategy of digital marketing.

So, short-tail keywords will give better results and make the user experience more seamless.

On the whole, the general topic which is nothing but the pillar topic will incorporate a link to sub-topics which is the core phenomenon of topic clusters. When you create a pillar topic and topic clusters, you can leverage better ranking by combining the right SEO techniques.