What Do You Need To Know About the Races Before Heading to Events

What Do You Need To Know About the Races Before Heading to Events

Dotted throughout the year, there are huge horse racing events in the calendar. Some of these are unmissable and should definitely be on your bucket list. If you are lucky enough to get tickets to a major event such as Cheltenham or the Grand National you’ll want to know what you are doing. From veterans to beginners, heading to the races is super fun but can prove to be a little bit complicated at points. So what do you need to know about the races before heading to the events?

The races is a massive day out in anyone’s year. It is a perfect opportunity to get suited and booted, get your suave on and win some money. You’ll want to dawn your best suit and prettiest fascinator before heading to the track. After sorting out your attire you are going to want to head down to the track before the first race begins. Tracks tend to open up an hour or so before the first race is due to commence. This gives you plenty of time to sort everything out and get your horse betting juices flowing when you head over to Timeform. At the end of the day that’s what going to the races is all about after all isn’t it?

One word you should have on your mind from the second you enter the track is racecard. This little gem of a book is the encyclopaedia you are going to need to have the best day you can at the races and is an often overlooked aspect of the whole day. Knowing and researching your bet thoroughly is the only sure-fire way of upping your chance of betting on a winner.

If you are arriving into the racetrack with a standard ticket you can expect to be standing in concourse. The more money you pay the higher up in the stand you can get which ultimately does give you a better view. There is something about standing amongst the rest of the crowd in the concourse which is very exhilarating however. The fancier tickets will have special access to entertainment and drinks menus, but in the concourse it’s all about the queues for the bars and finding the best elevated position to get a good view of the track to watch your winner cross the line.

In sports betting luck generally goes a long way, but with horse betting particularly, research is key. Knowing the form, the jockeys and trainers, how the turf is and what sort of records are being broken is all important information to possess. Indeed, using the scorecard or viewing the horses in the Parade Ring before the race are surefire ways of calculating a better bet which has more chance of returning you some much-desired winnings.

With 30-40 minutes in between every race you have more than enough time to scour the racecard, do you research, find the best odds and squeeze in a pint. Increasingly race tracks are becoming even more commercial with extra entertainment on, food trucks and varieties of bars. This means you can easily lose track of time or get distracted. Perhaps you are here for the overall atmosphere which is more than fair enough, but when it comes to betting on the horses you want to make sure your money is going the furthest it can be, and that means having a right old research of the horses competing. The inclusivity and relaxed nature of 21st century horse racing seems to invite further popularity and the races have become known to many as their best day out in the year. This sport has evolved and become hugely popular with many, from beginners and casuals to veterans and pros. Regardless of where you stand it is important to know about the races before you head to the events.