React JS vs. JavaScript: Which One is Better for Web Development?

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ReactJS vs JavaScript has always been the talk of town topic.  Because both are used in front-end development. Parallelly, the usage of web applications has increased day by day as more applications are launching in the market with complex features. Front-end frameworks and libraries are the most important components of the web development process. Using libraries has become vital, to build-high performing websites and web-based applications.

Many interactive elements and user interactions are necessary while creating apps, hence; it might result in encounter issues. JavaScript being compatible with the majority of browsers uses itself for creating web-application for small-scale to enterprise levels.

React is a fantastic JavaScript framework that may be used instead of plain JavaScript, which is utilized by many browser-based languages. Front-end development is impossible without it. It is used to construct a variety of user interfaces (UIs) tailored specifically for SPAs (Single Page Apps).

In this post, we discussed all of the differences between reactJS and JavaScript that are considered while selecting a framework for web application development.

Why use JavaScript or Vanilla JS?

Vanilla JS, or JavaScript, is a basic JavaScript that is used to develop JavaScript scripts that do not rely on libraries. Vanilla JS does not mention any form of rule to describe the data in the application. JavaScript does not always obtain the best-optimized results. It is popular among beginners and junior-level developers since it is the simplest framework that anyone can learn fast.

Benefits of JavaScript

Let’s see the main advantages of JavaScript that make it stand still in the language run.


Performance is an important aspect of JavaScript that is considered when creating the program. Because JavaScript is compatible with various browsers and systems, it will make your program run quicker.


Because there are no complicated libraries or settings to establish before constructing an application with JavaScript, it has a straightforward setup.

Code reusability

Modular codes for various front-end developers use to create personalized interactive elements.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

With some advantages, there are bottlenecks too! Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

Lacks structure and syntax

Plain JavaScript lacks structure and syntax which makes you write lots of code. If you have a larger application, this code takes longer and produces bugs. Debugging is difficult when you are newer to the programming language, as it can result in a great level of frustration

Fewer features

If your application requires more designs, infrastructure, and features; plain JavaScript won’t work.

Why use ReactJS?

Jordan Walke created React JS in 2011 as a JavaScript component toolkit for designing user interfaces for websites and applications. It is mainly popular for building fast and dynamic websites using JavaScript.

It contains reusable ready frameworks and easily integrated UI components that minimize development time and give a responsive UI for websites, online, and mobile apps. To interact with a website, a user interface such as a button, link, menu tabs, or search bar is utilized.

There is an extensive collection of UI components with React that front-end developers use to create personalized interactive elements. Any application’s view layer is strongly reliant on React.

Advantages of using ReactJS

If you are creating an app with a lot of UI components or logic or scripting, React may be an ideal choice. The program gains an abstraction layer as a result of the React JavaScript framework. Declarative programming is the key point of React.

Without creating a single line of code, JSX allows you to declare what should happen and assist in the design of the entire program. It is capable of binding data and managing states. As a result, hiring a ReactJS development firm may be quite advantageous for your organization in order to create dynamic and unique apps.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

React is not a good solution for those who are new to JavaScript programming. It has a steep learning curve that may be scary to newcomers. React has a lot of boilerplate code that isn’t necessary for many projects.

React also has the disadvantage of not being usable on other platforms, such as mobile apps or websites. Although these platforms employ React, React Native and PWA- Progressive Web Apps do not use the same scripts and features as web apps.

Difference between ReactJS and JavaScript

JavaScript creates the primary level of UI on the server, whereas React starts with blank HTML and developers construct dynamic websites later. With JavaScript, developers use the DOM to manually update or delete items, whereas ReactJS automatically refreshes the UI by modifying the elements within the components.

If you want to create interesting and user-friendly software that is simple to construct, React may be a good choice. It may group components and utilize them as a single entity. However, if your software doesn’t require complexities in web applications then Plain JavaScript could be the best choice. There are some of the important features that plain JavaScript misses, yet; it is easy to grasp as it has a simpler syntax.

The major benefit of using plain JavaScript is it has the ability to use a code editor or IDE that doesn’t requires additional software to be installed. It works both on Windows and Mac operating systems while React works only on MacOS. In addition, if your app doesn’t require the usage of reusable components across the app or websites then JavaScript has the necessary simplicity.

A detailed comparison: ReactJS vs JavaScript

When it comes to popularity, React is the most chosen over JavaScript, while; for functionalities, React goes the best. We have below discussed some of the distinguishing features that have made the ReactJS Vs JavaScript comparing worth!

Learning Curve

In comparison to JavaScript, React has a sharp learning curve as it has components that are based on architecture and JSX syntax. Documentation and community assistance After mastering the foundations, React makes it simple to learn advanced application development.

After you’ve mastered js, you’ll find it easier to learn Plain JavaScript, as well as other frameworks and libraries. Hence, it is advisable developers for to master plain js before learning React.


To get efficient UI updates, React uses DOM. Because only modest changes are made to the DOM, its performance is improved. Plain JavaScript, on the other hand, is quicker than ReactJS since it does not need to construct Virtual DOM and can instead utilize the Standard DOM. The creation of UI programs is about 30 times faster.

UI/UX Performance

React effectively builds the complicated UI as renders by exploiting virtual DOM. The code is also well-organized and well-maintained. At the same time, more human labor is necessary to reach the same degree of efficiency as simple JavaScript. While, react has better UI/UX performance, as it doesn’t need to enter the DOM and work, as it executes automatically.


Because React is focused on interoperability, it makes some forms of spam or hacking attacks on apps more vulnerable. Because React lacks security default settings, developers provide security coding. In that case, JavaScript has in-built security that makes it more secure as compared to React.

Vanilla JS APIs need different credentials, and temporary tokens are not necessary. Middleman APIs are also used to ensure the security of online applications. Therefore, in terms of security, JavaScript performs well.


In comparison with React, e-commerce websites are more expensive with JavaScript. The applications run quickly and dynamically, as React provides good maintenance service in comparison to JavaScript. The web applications are easily maintained and updated by developers by using React reusable components and virtual DOM that is makes JavaScript superior for e-commerce.


65% of respondents use JavaScript while 55% use HTML/CSS as their programming language. According to this 2021 poll, 43.3% of respondents utilized JQuery, whereas 35.9% used ReactJS.


The updated version is seldom encountered in ReactJS-based web projects because it is regularly upgraded. Automatic batching, transitions, client, and server rendering APIs, New Hooks, and other features have been added. While JavaScript is a fundamental foundation for developing powerful web applications, it does not provide continuous updates, which is why developers should grasp it before moving on to other frameworks such as ReactJS.


ReactJS is an excellent choice for developing large apps with sophisticated and dynamic functions, but JavaScript is an excellent choice for creating strong and spectacular cross-platform applications. If you are opting to choose ReactJS for development then a React JS development company helps to create the best user interface for websites and applications.