Men’s Secret to Standout: 10 Style Tips for Making a Statement

Men’s Secret to Standout

I just love Enrique Iglesias’s baseball cap. I don’t remember any of his public appearances where he wasn’t sporting that cap and looking like an absolute hunk.

The King of Latin Pop surely knows how that cap adds to his overall style; that’s why it has consistently become his style statement.

Let’s talk about the ‘style statement.’

A style statement is something that defines your style. It adds an instant appeal to your looks. At times, a style statement can be the addition of just an accessory, or you can style your hair or beard in a way that makes you stand out.

Several clothing essentials help us give a pronounced, powerful statement as well. In the immortal words of American jeweler Harry Winston, “People will stare at you anyways, so make their stare worthwhile.”

Adding a distinctive element to your look will elevate your confidence as well.

So, let’s look at some compelling ways that men can adopt to make a style statement to impress people.

#1. Dress Sharply In A Dark Suit

Nothing exhibits power more than a dark-colored suit worn correctly.

A black, navy blue, or charcoal grey suit should be a must in your wardrobe to make a formal style statement.

My emphasis is on darker colors because lighter shades somehow lessen the “power” impact. Dark tones will help you look like an authority figure.

Your suit must fit you appropriately, as a loose or too tight a suit will not give you the prim and proper look. Although buying the right size by trying it on works ok, the best bet is to get your suit tailored.

Wear a white shirt underneath the fitted suit and nail the classic look.

#2. Roll Up Your Sleeves Stylishly

Do folding sleeves also count as a style statement?

Yes, of course, given you do it the right way.

In fact, it is the style statement of Canada’s handsome premier Justin Trudeau.

It is one of the most appealing style statement men give, and most of the time, they aren’t even aware of how good it looks.

I don’t know whether it’s the well-toned forearms or the neatly exposed cuff inside-out; rolled sleeves look extremely attractive.

But never do it messily!

Just make sure to unbutton your sleeve and turn two times the width of your cuff. Roll the end part of the sleeve down again till the bottom of the cuff.

#3. Make Sure To Smell Good

You can wear simple jeans and a t-shirt and still ooze style by the fragrance you wear.

The idea is to charm the onlookers (and smellers) without saying a word. You can do that successfully with a good cologne.

Good personal hygiene and an adequate amount of fragrance are the keys to smelling good. Avoid getting drenched in the perfume as the strong smell will repel people rather than attracting them.

Also, you don’t want to trigger someone’s migraine, do you?

Lastly, a fresh-smelling breath also counts as smelling nice, so take care of your oral hygiene, and chew on a mint before stepping out.

#4. Catchy Slogans/Graphics On Your T-shirt

Sometimes, a slogan that demonstrates your view on a trending social issue is the perfect style statement that shows who you are and tell the world out loud what you believe.

Celebrities often take the opportunity to express their thoughts out loud without speaking a word by wearing t-shirts with exciting slogans. They wear slogan tees on their airport looks, and while stepping out casually.

The thing with catchy slogans is that they pique people’s curiosity who turn their attention to read them. For example, Steven Rhodes t-shirts has dark humor that will surely draw attention to anyone who will catch a glimpse of it. At that moment, they wouldn’t fail to notice you if you are dressed up stylishly.

#5. A Classy Jacket That Woos The Onlookers

Jackets serve the purpose of layering and style equally.

A lustrous leather jacket is men’s favorite clothing essential for looking ultra-masculine and stylish.

When it comes to making a style statement with a leather jacket, men have so many options. A leather jacket in classic designs like a bomber jacket or a double rider will make a great style statement. Also, a biker or suede jackets go perfectly well with your formal attire.

It is also one of the most versatile clothing essentials in a man’s wardrobe, so investing in a premium quality jacket will pay off in the form of gazes you’ll attract while casually walking down the street.

#6. A Unique Tie

You can certainly make a style statement with a thing that seems little but has a significant impact on your look overall.

Paying attention to the color of the tie you are wearing will make people pay attention to you. 

A tie adds a pop of color to your formal attire, is a point of focus, and binds the whole outfit together. Therefore, choose a print and color wisely that complements your shirt and suit.

A burgundy or blue tie will look quite decent for formal events. But if you want to experiment with a bolder color and pattern, wear it with a white shirt that will act as a blank canvas for your necktie.

#7. Don’t Ignore The Impact Of A Pocket Square.

Same as the necktie, a pocket square adds the much-needed pop of color in formal attire. It is indeed just a pocket square, but it shows your personality as a well-groomed, professional man.

Pocket squares add a lot of class to your outfit at dinner parties and other formal gatherings. Like a red satin pocket square will add a crisp look to your dark suit.

#8. Make A Statement With Your Shoes

The biggest style mistake men make: ‘not paying attention to their shoes.’ For them, sneakers work with every outfit. Wrong.

Men should own at least three pairs of shoes that go well with their formal and casual outfits.

You can wear the classic double monk strap shoes with relaxed outfits to give off a rugged look. As for your formalwear needs, go for some nice looking and gleaming Oxford shoes.

Loafers and Chelsea boots go well with casual attire, such as jeans, chinos, and other casual bottoms.

#9. A Watch That Steals The Show

A well-tailored suit or jacket makes a statement for a man, but the right accessories can also do the trick quite impressively.

Lately, I have noticed that not many men wear watches, which is like missing out on a big opportunity to look stylish.

Therefore, wearing a good watch will set you apart from the crowd and draw people’s attention towards you.

You can go for a leather or metal strap based on your choice, but I would advise you to go for a blue or black dial for a sleek style statement.

Never wear fitness trackers, and clunky sports watches as a replacement for your watch with casual outfits.

Parting Thoughts

Oscar de la Renta once said that fashion is a trend, whereas style lives within a person.

With the tips mentioned above, you can put out an impressive style statement. Not only your prim and proper dressing sense, but your whole personality can be portrayed by following any of them.