Looking for an Engagement Ring? Get Inspired by These Popular Trends

Looking for an Engagement Ring

Some couples shop for engagement rings together, while others like to stick to the traditional route and leave it as a surprise for one partner. Either way, engagement rings symbolize a lifetime commitment and should last throughout that lifetime. However, many couples are veering away from tradition and changing things up when it comes to selecting their engagement ring.

More and more, grandiosity is coming back to engagement rings. They are also being infused with more personality than in years past. Trends are being mixed together to create something new that speaks to a couple and their specific love.

With all that, there are some styles that are gaining in popularity. We’ve listed them here to help inspire you as you search for the style you want when shopping at a custom jewelry store in Canada.

Gender Neutral

While custom made rings allow for gender neutral individuals to choose any style they like, there is a rise in rings being made specifically with gender neutral people in mind, and it’s about time. 

These designs are a trend that is here to stay. Chunkier, bolder engagement ring options are being seen more even in the celebrity world, with stars like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner choosing this route.

Toi et Moi

Celebrity engagements will always serve as inspiration for ring trends, and lately, there have been many celebrities sporting multi-stone rings. Ariana Grande, Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski have all sported these double stone engagement rings, which symbolize the coming together of two individuals into a partnership. 

Its also expected that mixing different combinations of gems and stones will rise in popularity. Three stones are also gaining ground, and these rings tend to represent the couple’s past, present and future and the different stages of a relationship.

Despite the recent rise in popularity, the Toi et Moi design actually dates back centuries. Part of its lasting appeal is not just in the expression of a union but in how different stones can actually enhance one another’s beauty.

More Color

Colorless diamonds have long been the most sought-after engagement stone, and that’s still the case, but colorful diamonds and gemstones are starting to get their own spotlights. Couples are excited about bolder and brighter stones to represent their love. Sapphires, emeralds and morganite are some of the more popular alternatives. 

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from colorless diamonds, black stone engagement rings are gaining ground, especially after Carrie Bradshaw was seen sporting her iconic ring in the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, earlier this year. These stones are popular with couples who want to eschew tradition and pave their own way with their engagement and wedding.


The oblong shape is becoming more popular for many reasons. The soft, elongated look brings attention to the fingers while lengthening the appearance of the fingers. The diamond shape both pairs well with additional stones and works well alone, giving many options for those seeking this look for their engagement ring.

These are some of the most popular trends we expect to see throughout the year. Give one or several of these a try when shopping for your engagement ring, or let them inspire you to do something completely different if that’s what you prefer.