Are Clear Frame Glasses Cool?

Clear Frame Glasses

Clear as ice, colourless like water, see-through like glasses, clear frame glasses are nostalgic yet trendsetter. These glasses are not new on the board, nor they are newly invented. They have been made popular by various celebrities and public figures. As the name suggests, clear glasses are the frames of the eyeglasses that are transparent similar to the lenses they carry.

Do not hide your facial features

Clear glasses are a very smart choice since they do not hide any facial features unlike other coloured frames. The clear frames let your entire face visible to others and do not cover eyebrows or chin area.  Moreover, your eye make-up looks more clear through these crystal clear transparent frame glasses. However, a light eye make-up will look more subtle than a dark glittery one. As the dark make-up will be more visible and will draw away all the attention from the face, and the glasses will go unnoticed.

Clear glasses match with your outfit, profession and occasion

Kylie Jenner, Harrison Ford and many other celebrities carry clear frames glasses with elegance and class. These transparent glasses look vintage and are able to give both professional as well as a casual look. Depending upon your profession, dress, or occasion these highly attractive glasses tend to suit each and every occasion, purpose and look.  During business meetings, conferences, workplace etc. these glasses look really professional and give a serious look to doctors, executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, teachers and various other working personalities. At the same time, these glasses look trendy on youngsters at educational institutions, schools, and outings.   Similarly, for your leisure, party and beach activities, you can cover your eyes with these crystal clear glasses and look glamorous.

Besides, you can wear any of your favourite dresses irrespective of the colours, the crystal frame glasses go well with any colour. It does not matter whether you wear black, red, printed or colourful attire, since these glasses are transparent they add up as an appealing accessory too. However, it is better to select light colour dresses with these glasses. As otherwise, if you prefer dark colour clothes with transparent glasses then the dark shade of attire will take away all the attention from your glasses. Although there is no harm in wearing dark or light clothes, it is a personal choice.

The shape of glasses to suit your face shape and skin tone

The crystal clear glass frames are available in all shapes and sizes including branded designer glasses. Round, cat-eyes, wayfarer, retro, hipster, rectangle and more, these glasses come in all shapes to fit your pocket. It is also important to buy glasses suiting your face type according to the shape of the face. For example, faces with soft features like a round face must select glasses with pointed and angular features or extended temples.

The best part about these colourless glasses is that they go well with every skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, and age group. Where they look trendy on youngsters, they appear equally graceful on aged adults.

Variants of clear glasses

It is not necessary that the clear glasses come transparent, to enhance the style statement, the frames are also available with a light tint of colours such as pink, yellow, blue, etc. Apart from the full frame, there are rimless and half rim kind of frames in this category of glasses. In fact, branded designer glasses are also available with crystal clear glass frames. With the detailing on the top, double bridge, bejewelled, extended temples, glossy, matt, marble, etc. the list of variants of clear frame glasses is endless.

Cleaning of clear frame glasses

Taking care of glasses is utmost important whether it is transparent glasses or coloured frames. Just as we clean lenses, likewise it is a good habit to clean the frames as well. Otherwise, there are deposits of dirt and oil from the skin. With the help of dishwashing liquid and running water the glasses can be cleaned. Or the alcohol-free solution can be used for cleaning glasses.

Try glasses before buying!

If you are unsure whether these transparent glass will find a place in your wardrobe or not, then try on glasses online. You can use Specscart UK glasses online try on and see if you like them as an addition to your eyewear collection.