Generally, a second router is connected to the first one to outstretch the range and increase the number of devices connected to the router. Thus, a system to form a local area network also known as LAN is used. Ethernet helps in connecting the two routers. Sometimes, people prefer wireless connection between the routers over the wired connection as it looks neat and not shabby, but it does have some demerits. Not both the routers are the base routers; one plays the main role by being the primary router while the other just plays a supporting role. Initially, you’ll need to decide whether you want to connect two routers using a wire or without using a wire.

For wired connection between the base and secondary router:

This connection is chosen over wireless connection because sometimes, if crowding of other networks is present, the router may not function well. The wifi signal gets degraded, and devices connected to the secondary or the extender router may face the issue of having slow connectivity.It often comes to notice that users face issues with logging in, which are easy to solve. Just have a look at the WiFi admin panel to find solutions for the same. Steps to connect the two routers are:

  1. First, decide which one of the two routers will be your main/ base router. It is preferred to select the fully featured one selected as this router will directly be connected to the modem.
  2. The one left will be your secondary router. If you have both routers with the same features, it doesn’t matter which one is your primary or extender router.
  3. Integrate the modem, the most important internet connection wire, in a WAN port of the router. This configures the real case.
  4. Now, take the Ethernet wire and connect one of the ends to the main router. The connection is to be made on any of the LAN ports.
  5. The second end of the ethernet cable needs to be joint with the secondary route. This time the wire should not be connected to the LAN port. Instead, connect it to the WAN port as the Ethernet cable acts as a network extender.
  6. Connect the WiFi network on your laptop or the computer. The wifi network that is connected to your device will be the network shared by the base router.
  7. Check about the IP address, which is at the bottom of the main router box. Type the following IP address on your Google search engine (go to Google Chrome, enter the following IP address on the search engine, click enter). This will guide you to the page on google where you can change the settings of the router.
  8. Enter your username and password (the username derived tofromactivating the base router and the following password to connect yourself with the router). Click on login.
  9. Now, click on the DHCP setting that enables you to click on Save. for checking the extender router’s IP, select DHCP client and find your name for the specific router ‘Client’s namesection.
  10. Open the Google search engine and type the IP address of the second router. You will be directed to a page that asks you to enter your username and password. Fill in the credentials and log in.
  11. Now, go to the network and select WAN connection type. On dropbox, select Dynamic IP and click on detect. You will see that the DHCP server of the main router has assigned an IP address to the extender router.
  12. Click on the DHCP server and Enable it. Note that the IP range subnet must be different from the WAN subnet. E.g., If the WAN subnet is, keep the extender’s subnet as
  13. You have the option of changing the username and password under Wireless settings and Wireless security respectively. Now, reconnect the laptop/ computer using the default pin under the router sticker and check the internet connection.

 You are done with connecting two routers using a wire.

For wireless connection between the base and the secondary router:

This method of connecting two routers is chosen only when the routers to be connected are placed far off or when the user wants the connection to look neat. Though this type of connection may sometimes be distorted due to heavy obstacles such as the wall, the doors, any metal, this is not a commonly selected method. Steps to connect two routers are:

  1. Connect the internet cable, which you have, to the WAN port of the main router (read: for a wired connection between the base router and secondary router for selection of the main router).
  2. Now, you have to set up the secondary router using the login details on the bottom of the router.
  3. Connect the secondary router to your mobile phone using the username and password.
  4. Click on WiFi settings and find the gateway IP address. Go to google browser and type the IP address.
  5. You will be directed to a login page.
  6. Add the credentials and click on Login.
  7. Go to DHCP and click on disable.
  8. Now, select the Wireless option and click on Enable the WDS, also knows as Wireless distribution system. Here, you’ll be asked to enter the SS id and BSS id of the router to be bridged
  9. Add the details of the main router and click on Connect.
  10. Type the password and channel number of the main router. If you want, change the Network name and click on Save.

You have successfully bridged two routers together.