How To Market A Brand For Gen-Z

How To Market A Brand For Gen-Z

Gen Z are a tricky generation to market for, because not only do they know what they want, they are also not afraid to speak up about something if it is not. Of course, this can be honorable, and a welcome change in the consumer market – those who want and demand better, not only for them, but for others and the environment too. 

This means the typical “you definitely need this” spiel and bold claims of being “the best in the world” will not fly past these young’uns, and you will need a much more honest approach when marketing your brand. Oh, and cute. Do not forget cute.

Get with the Lingo

It is true that Gen-Z speak an entirely different language to other generations, which may find you on Urban Dictionary more than once throughout the day to understand what the heck someone has just said to you, and if it is in fact a good thing or a bad thing. Brands need to be engaging, and this includes everything from the font style to the content and products. You also need to be able to market them in a way that grabs the attention of your intended audience. This might well include using up to date emojis, inside Netflix jokes, and also casual ironic nihilism. Good luck.

Be Upfront and Honest

Your brand needs a heart-warming ethos – and it also needs to be true. Businesses can no longer just want to make as much money as possible, especially at the expense of others, and if they claim otherwise and it is not honest, Gen-Z are going to find out, and then take over the internet with your lies.
It is much better to be upfront and honest with all of your customers, and if you are contributing to helping the environment, and supporting the eradication of political and societal problems, make sure you let them know. They will be the first to grab your merch and tell the world about what your brand is doing to help – just choose a decent company such as to create your vision.

Oh, and make sure whatever it is your selling is cruelty free, because they will ask you. 

Get Relatable 

Talking to Gen-Z about ‘Buying your first home’? Forget about it. Telling them they could afford one if they just worked harder on their zero-hour contracts? It is not advisable. Encouraging them to give all of themselves to a company who would replace them within minutes? Nice try.
It is important to understand what is relatable to Gen -Z so you can actually communicate with them. They are far less interested in capitalism than they are trying to find peace of mind and a job that pays them a fair living wage. Making it obvious why they should buy from you for the right reasons could win you a customer for life, and they will be sure to let everyone else know about you too.

You want Gen-Z as your friends, no cap.