How to Start Preparing General Studies for MPPSC Exam

How to Start Preparing General Studies for MPPSC Exam

Cracking the MPPSC or the Madhya Pradesh public service commission exam is a dream for many. Every year a good number of fresh graduates dedicate their time and effort to crack their dream job. After all, it’s a position that offers respect. Millions of people appear for this exam but only a few are able to secure the position. It’s because students invest their time and effort but they don’t have the necessary knowledge on the type of preparation that is required to crack the exam. Most of them have a vague idea and others are preparing the way they prepare for all other competitive exams. It should be realized that the MPSSC exam is quite different from other competitive exams. It requires more knowledge and practice to be able to succeed in this format. The exam pattern is modified as per the UPSC civil service exams.

The most significant role player in this exam is general studies. Students often read a thousand general knowledge questions but rarely get anything common during the exam. The most basic thing that is overlooked in this process is that the preparation should be done under an expert’s guidance. An expert who has cracked the exam several times and holds exceptional knowledge can guide students better than anyone. Students often fear that they need to travel a long distance to attend classes so they remain at home and start preparing for the exam on their own. In this technologically advanced era, the education sector is changing rapidly. There is no need to look for offline coaching centers when there are e-learning sites available for ease of learning.

An aspirant should have requisite knowledge on the important topics that need to be covered during the MPSSC exam. The candidate should strongly focus on the general knowledge section as it’s an important part of both the pre and main exam. The ideal solution would be to get MPPSC main notes for preparation so that one can start preparing for both the main and preliminary sections. These are now available on online sites. Students should conduct thorough research on the relevant sites that are available online and find a reliable one that provides the required study materials. E-learning is growing in popularity as it’s one of the best solutions for students who’re preparing for competitive exams. They can understand the in-depth topic by studying these materials. Generally, these materials are classified into several topics. Let’s take a look at the following,


Similar to IAS exams, MPPSC preparation requires students to study in-depth history including the ancient, modern, and medieval periods. Generally, students follow the books of class 11th and 12th both old and new to prepare for ancient history. The best solution would be to follow only one source of information and understand the in-depth of the topic. Students can capitalize on the maps and dates to remember the chronology. The preliminary phase may be easy to cover as it includes questions from the Parmar dynasty, painters, Rigveda, inscriptions, legislation in British India, etc. However, the preparation for the mains exam requires an expert’s guidance.


There are two classifications in Indian and world geography. This includes the physical part and the human part. Aspirants should read the NCERTS books thoroughly to understand the topics. Mainly the questions cover the topics like natural disaster and affected areas, Satpura ranges, countries around India, etc. It’s best to follow the online study materials from any renowned sites to prepare for the exam. This is one of the best advantages of e-learning that the study materials are available for everyone.

Indian Polity:

Indian polity is an important subject while preparing for general studies. A significant portion of the questions in the mains exam of MPPSC covers the Indian polity section. The topics that should be thoroughly studied include the parliament, central, state legislatures, legislative bills, Panchayati raj, election commission, etc. The topic that mainly covers in the preliminary and mains exam include the cyber laws, article 21, Indian ministry, CAG, amendment acts, SC/ST act 1989, etc.

Indian Economy:

Indian economy is another important subject when it comes to preparing for the MPPSC exam. Basically, it covers only general information like GDP, PCI, GNP, etc. This checks the candidate’s knowledge of the Indian economy. The ideal study materials cover all the necessary information that an aspirant requires to prepare for the mains examination.

General Science & Current Affairs:

The best way to prepare for MPPSC general science is to read NCERT books. Students can also follow the MP board exam books to understand the topics in-depth besides following the study materials. Also, it’s important to prepare for current affairs as well. Aspirants should follow the national newspapers to know the current happenings around the country and the world. These are the topics that one should thoroughly read to prepare for the MPPSC exam.