Solutions About Amazon Digital Marketing

solutions about Amazon Digital Marketing

Amazon completed more than 26 years on the board and achieved so many things over the years. From just selling books to now being among the Top 5 valuable companies providing numerous services.

There are several factors that should be kept in mind if you are doing business with them. One of them or rather the most important one is to keep your product at such a position that when searched for similar products yours show up at an instance.

In this article we will put up solutions regarding the problems faced by people in keeping the rank high in the SEO in the amazon business. Also my company provides you with the best Amazon SEO services.

  • To understand how to improve your position the first thing you need to know is how their algorithm works.

Amazon mostly uses 2 types of factors when focusing on the algorithm. 

  1. Performance – how much customers buy your product.
  2. Relevance – how competent is your keyword with the search query.

Given this it is clear that to have a considerable rank you need to select a very good keyword and not only that your product should be in well demand. People should be very much familiar and interested in your product.

  • The next which is very important to understand is why you need to work on optimizing your amazon search ranking.

There is significant data which shows that 70% of the customers buy the product from the very first page if at all. And they do not even bother to click pass the first page to the second one.

And 64% of the customers select their items from the first three products which the site shows.

This is the major reason why everyone who is willing to establish a good business on amazon needs to work on the SEO of the website.

With the understanding of why you need to do what you need to do let’s see what are the factors which will help you boost your ranking on Amazon.

#1. You should have a very good keyword in order to get your product on a better rank.

When people search for a product on the website they tend to use long-tail keywords to search for it. So, it should be kept in mind to have a keyword with a minimum of three words and this for sure will help your product to secure a better rank.

After you are done with choosing the keyword the next step is to blend that keyword either in the name of the product or in the description.

#2. The title of your product should be very specific to all the detailed elements of your product. 

The title will be the factor according to which people will find your listing in the search query. The order of the title should be correct in order.

The order –

[brand][feature][material][key-points][product type][model-number][size][package-count][colour][flavour].

Put the items from the order according to your product.

        Trick is to put the most relevant keyword first and you are good to go.

#3. The next part is the description of your product. It is very important that you write proper details of your product in order to make the customers understand more about your product and buy it.

It is better if you write the details in a very organized manner so that it appears clear to the customers. You can use bullets or numbering in order to make it look really clean and this will prove to be helpful.

#4. The pictures you use for the product are of utmost importance. More than 50% of the people shopping online admitted that they mostly buy items based on the pictures. 

#5. Reviews play a very vital role in every business. The reviews should be well maintained in order to make people buy your product as well as to keep your product at a good rank in SEO of the website.

The more stars you have the more people trust your product and buy that.

These are the very essential solutions that you need to keep in mind in order to solve all your problems regarding the digital marketing of Amazon.