5 Best Social Media Management Tool In 2022

Best Social Media Management Tool

Social media is now becoming an indispensable integral part of our daily life. At the end of 2019,3.48, billion people are using social media for communications. In 2029 these numbers are reaching up to 3.68 billion. Thus, every year the social media users are increasing by good numbers. 

These increasing numbers are generating new concepts for social media marketing. And as a result, many new multitasking social media tools are introduced to manage social media marketing-related activities.

How To Pick The Best Social Media Marketing Tools?

When you are selecting the social media management tools, you have to check a few criteria first. Because every brand offers different kinds of services, you have to pick the social media marketing tools depending upon the services.

Here are some features you need to check before selecting your brand’s social media marketing tools.

  • Automatic publishing and scheduling features
  • Competitor’s page analysis
  • Campaign tracking and optimizing your product campaigning
  • Monitor and features for social media listening
  • Multiple social media page operating features
  • Inbuilt calendar and picture gallery for creatinine the social media posts

These are the main features that you need to check before selecting your social media engagements tool. Based on these features, here we are giving you the five best social media marketing tools.

5 Best Social Media Marketing Tool

Different organizations and enterprises have different types of requirements. Based on the needs and specifications, you have to select your social marketing tool.

Here are the five best social media marketing tools.


Hootsuite was one of the oldest social media marketing tools. Hootsuite features are still now the most promising ones. Hootsuite is offering 30 days of free trial offers. The reputation of the Hootsuite is pretty satisfactory. All the content positioning-related works like scheduling and social media listening are perfectly done.

The Hootsuite marketing tools features are upgraded each year. And they offer various kinds of schemes for the users and the enterprises. Bulk social media scheduling is the best feature of the tool.

Pricing: Starting from $30 per month.

Sprout Social

In the social media marketing trends, the audience’s engagements are the critical part. And for these, you require a perfect tool that improves the functions and helps you make the communications with the audience. Sprout Social is the best social media management tool that gives you the report of individual statics and posts.

For a medium-sized business, this one is the best pick. In the sprout social, you will get a social inbox tool that is an excellent communicating medium that increases audience engagement. The auto post and keyword research are the two main features of the sprout social.

Pricing: Starting from $100 per month.

Social Pilot

When you are handling multiple social media accounts, you require a tool that can handle all of your social media profiles. The social pilot is a fully integrated multi-functional tool. In addition, social PIlot comes with social inbox features and auto-positioning features to improve the engagements with the audience.

The social monitoring and listening features are added advantages for middle size enterprises. And where your engagements are the maximum priority. You can even operate the works from remote environments.

Pricing: Starting from $40 per month.


A buffer is a simple tool. Unlike the Hootsuite campaign, you may not get the multiple types of different positioning and scheduling features. But for startup enterprises, these are enough. Not only the positioning and scheduling along with that, but the buffer is also offering multiple features of recycling the existing posts.

The easy-to-use features of the tool make it popular among beginner users. The content positioning planning process is simple to use. Along with that simple user, supporting features are improving the engagement among the audiences. 

For example, you can research your competitor’s pages from a single platform, so you do not have to use any other tool to research the keywords.

Pricing: Starting from $20 per month.


Are you looking for end to end solutions for your CRM? Then Sensible is the right pick for you. As the Sendible is a new social media management tool, the features are all intelligent. In simple words, the Sendible is the simple end-to-end solution for marketers. All in one solution.

You can schedule your post with built-in calendars. The auto post features allow you to prepare your social media post. You can listen to your audiences from this single platform and run the research on your competitor’s pages. Keywords research is essential, and when you are using Sendible, you can do all these works from this single platform.

Pricing: Starting from $30 per month.


All of these five social media management tools are pretty robust choices for every organization. But among all, the Hootsuite is not only the oldest one, but the features are also influencing. Among these five social media management tools, you can pick anyone. The starting schemes are not very high, and among these, Hootsuite is offering a 30-day free trial. But if you are searching for a tool for engagements, all five tools provide you with the best listening and engagement options. So which one are you going to select? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments section.