Health Tips To Follow During Your Pregnancy Phase

pregnancy exercise

You are probably getting a lot of recommendations on how to go about your pregnancy. As if this time of your life wasn’t overwhelming enough, you also have a hundred people telling you what to do! But the truth is that every pregnancy is different.

The suggestions and advice you have received may all be intending to help, but they end up confusing or worse, scaring you away! So, the best way to go about it is to trust a professional. Experts such as Dr Rahul Sen have years of experience handling expectant mothers and making pregnancy a more straightforward transition for them. The only possible way out is to be sure that you aren’t misguided is to turn to a truly knowledgeable guide.

In this article, we are compiling a list of scientific tips (not hear-say) to guide you on this incredible journey. Read on to know a few essential tips that would make your next nine months a breezy walk:

1) Emphasis on prenatal care:

There is a reason that it is the first on our list. Throughout your pregnancy, you need to be in touch with an expert gynecologist, who will monitor the various changes happening inside you and advise you on the path ahead. Pregnancy is a very delicate process, and even small mismanagement could lead to complications. Thus, regular visits to your doctor are recommended.

2) Proper diet:

We can’t stress this enough that adequate food is perhaps the most significant contributing factor towards a healthy bone and muscle development of your baby. A diet rich in folic acid, vitamins, and calcium should be consumed. Stay away from oily or greasy food items, which may hamper your digestion and discomfort you.

3) Stay hydrated:

Lack of fluids in your system can lead to nausea, morning sickness, body ache, lethargy, among other problems. Moreover, an ample amount of water is needed to flush out all the toxins that the developing embryo is discarding off.

4) Know what to skip:

A healthy pregnancy is not just a matter of what to take, but it is also about what to avoid. A potentially problematic environment, such as dangerous areas or heavily crowded areas, should be strictly avoided. Moreover, emotionally or mentally exhausting situations too are unhealthy! It would help if you also skipped on alcohol or smoking for the course of your pregnancy.

5) Exercise:

Doctors recommend a 30-minute slow walk or swim session to expectant mothers. It not only helps maintain the blood flow but also acts as a stress reliever. However, any arduous tasks such as lifting heavy objects should be refrained from.

6) Strengthen Pelvic muscles:

While you take up mild work out, you should also pay close attention to the exercises that strengthen your core muscles and pelvis. For a healthy delivery, these muscles need to be oiled up and in their best shape. You should consult your doctor on the right exercises to pick up for a more comfortable pregnancy. Indulging in any activity without seeking a professional may have an adverse effect and lead to unwanted complications.

7) Relax:

A lot of confusion, anxiety, and stress can occupy your head during these crucial nine months. However, this stress can take a toll on your mental health. Do not let your anxiety get that far, and weed it out using simple breathing techniques and relaxing massages. You should learn meditation, yoga, and other such non-strenuous workouts, which are proven to fight anxiety and stress.

Whatever you do, remember to enjoy this journey because a happy mommy is all that your kid needs! Have a healthy and safe pregnancy!