Which is the Best Book for English Grammar

Which is the Best Book for English Grammar

All students in CBSE Class 11 are required to study English. Furthermore, most admissions exams in India need a minimum of 50% English competence. As a result, pupils should have a complete understanding of the subject. They can use the NCERT class 11 English book, which is meant to assist students improve their English language skills.

The importance of the English curriculum in Class 11 cannot be overstated. Due to their increasing emphasis on areas other than the English language subject, students may find it exhausting to study English with comparable attentiveness. In the Class 11 curriculum, students will meet books written at a high level of language and difficult subjects.

Students’ vocabulary and language abilities will be improved as part of the curriculum, which will help prepare them for the future.

The NCERT English book for class 11 also teaches students how to use their language abilities to express themselves on paper. As a consequence, teachers advice pupils to study NCERT English book class 11 to improve their vocabulary and writing skills.

CBSE recommends the NCERT textbooks Hornbill and Snapshot for Class 11 English.These volumes offer a diverse collection of prose works gathered from writers all around the world. The poems in the English book for class 11 and 12th were chosen to appeal to the students’ sensibilities. They were hand-picked by prominent scholars and lecturers with the purpose of helping students expand their literary horizons.

Furthermore, the texts in the NCERT Class 11 English Book are not from any one literary genre, but rather from sources such as travelogues, biographies, and science fiction to familiarise pupils with a variety of writing styles.

The English curriculum for Class 11 includes two works:

 Hornbill is divided into two parts: one for reading and one for writing. There are eight prose pieces and five poetry in the reading competency area. Snapshots are divided into eight categories.


It is the most popular English textbook for students in grades 11 and 12. The NCERT English book was created to help students learn to analyse literature on their own. The following chapters are included in the book:

  1. The Lady’s Portrait
  • A photographic image
  1. We don’t mind dying if we can all die together.
  2. Tutankhamun’s tale continues
  • The laburnum is a kind of laburnum 
  1. Top The Soul’s Landscape
  • The soul’s own voice
  1. The Green Movement’s Role in the Ailing Planet
  2. Browning’s Revision
  • Childhood
  1. The Experiment
  2. Silk Road
  • Father to Son

Snapshot :

This is a supplemental reader for CBSE English Class 11 students. The texts in this English book for class 11th, which have been carefully picked, cover a wide range of topics such as moral choices, human emotions, predicaments, and so on. Students can learn about topic treatment, narrative patterns, stylistic qualities, and other things through reading literary works.

The following is a table of contents –

  • The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse (Summer of the Beautiful White Horse)
  • The Location
  • Ranga’s Wedding
  • In the Classroom with Albert Einstein
  • Mother’s Day is coming up soon.
  • The One and Only World’s Ghat
  • Birth
  • Melon City is a fictional city in the United States.

Why is it so necessary to have a basic grasp of the English language?

English is among India’s official languages. Additionally, it has been designated as a world language. Furthermore, English is used as a medium of teaching at most institutions and colleges. As a result, while pursuing further education, a basic command of this language is required. It will also make it easier for pupils to engage.

What are the Benefits of Literature Study for Students?

Students should study literature because it will help them understand themselves and the world around them better. Literature is about human experiences, loss, and agony, whether it’s a poem, a short storey, a novel, or an essay. As a result, pupils will be able to extend their horizons through reading literature.The NCERT Book PDF for Class 11 English is a good place to start if you want to enhance your literary reading abilities.

What are the benefits of using the NCERT Class 11 English Book PDF to help students enhance their English skills?

The NCERT book for Class 11 English contains a variety of strategies at the end of each unit to help students understand the subject.For example, there are numerous recommended reader exercises that will assist students in comprehending and relating their own experiences or stories to those in the text.

What Is It About NCERT Textbooks That Makes Them So Popular?

The National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) assists and advises the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare on educational policy. However, it is also in charge of publishing textbooks, which students choose for a variety of reasons. 

These can be found in the list below —

  1. Improves comprehension – 

NCERT textbooks are written to meet the needs of all students across the country.As a consequence, they’re written in easy language so that pupils may quickly grasp the main points of the subjects as they read.

  1. Easy to Understand – 

Pupils can quickly study essential ideas before an exam thanks to the simple wording.NCERT textbooks, such as NCERT English Class 11 PDF, also meticulously describe the underlying ideas as well as the key elements from each course. It aids pupils in swiftly grasping even the most difficult problems.

  1. The curriculum is based on CBSE norms –

One of the reasons why NCERT textbooks, such as NCERT Class 11 English book PDF, are so popular among instructors is because they are created completely according to the Central Board of Secondary Education’s requirements.

Furthermore, independent publishers do not always implement CBSE revisions in books produced by them, which is why it is preferable to use NCERT textbooks, which are constantly updated to reflect the most recent CBSE Curriculum. NCERT textbooks, which are based on the CBSE curriculum, can be used by students preparing for entrance examinations.

NCERT Book For Class 11 English Advantages

There are several advantages to using CBSE-recommended NCERT textbooks. The following are a few of them:

  • NCERT books are widely used tools that serve as guidelines for both students and teachers.
  • These books are fully compliant with the most recent CBSE curriculum. As a result, pupils do not have to be concerned about missing any important ideas.
  • Each topic’s basics are taught in an informative and entertaining manner.
  • The language is simple and easy.
  • The exercises presented here will assist students in applying their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. This adds to the enjoyment of studying!
  • There are several activities available to assist students assess their comprehension of the topics.