Start Your Fly Ash – Concrete Brick & Block Making Business


Here we provide information about how to start the business of Fly Ash – Concrete Brick & Block are made and what are the requirements to start the business.

What are the benefits of fly ash bricks?

Fly ash bricks are stronger and more lightweight than the standard red brick. It only soaks 14 to 16% of water which minimize the moisture problem in wall and ceiling. These bricks are made with fly ash which is the waste product of thermal power plant, Limestone, sand and gypsum.

What is the process of making of fly ash bricks?

First the fly ash brick making machine is required. The main benefit of making bricks with machine it saves cement and labour.

There are many fly ash brick machine manufacturers in India and there are wide range of machines are available according to your requirement.

The first process is mixing. The raw material is taking to the pre hopper box with trolley and after it will take to the pan mixture. It is mix in the pan mixer with cement and water for five minutes. The mixing is very important in the process. The machines from G Green Techon has specially designed Pan mixture for mixing of raw material. There are skipper and roller in the pan mixer to mix raw mixture very effectively.

Next process is Hydraulic Pressing. After the mixing, the raw material is collected in hopper. After that the raw material is sent for the press machine and this process is controlled by PLC control. The raw material is fed to the moulds and it is made with high grade EN31 materials. Raw material is pressed by heavy cylinder. The bricks are pressed in the press for superior quality and machine has six stroke per minute.

Curing is the last process. After pressing, the bricks are sent to the feeder trolley. Bricks are kept in room for 24 hours and for next 15 to 18 days it is kept in open space and water twice a day.

Finally, the fly ash brick is ready for use.

How to start the Fly Ash Brick Making Business?

For the fly ash brick manufacturing, there are 20000 to 50000 square feet space is required which may vary with machine capacity. There are 15 to 20 labours are required and can manufacture 7000 to 20000 bricks in eight-hour shift. The machines from Q Green can make 1000 to 10000 bricks per hour. The raw material is available from thermal power plant as there is 7 to 8 ton of fly ash are produced in making of 1 Megawatt of electricity.

There are many state governments which provide subsidy for fly ash making business.

Concrete Block Manufacturing Process

Let’s see the Concrete Block Manufacturing Business plan.

The concrete blocks and pavers are used in roads, houses and buildings as well.

To manufacture concrete blocks and pavers the concrete block making machine is required. For the manufacturing of block the 6 to 10 mm stone chips, cement, sand and crusher dust are used. The materials are loaded into weighing batching plant. The raw materials are mixed in base concrete mixture. In the mixture all the materials are dry mixed with cement and after that the water is added and mixed it again.

There is an extra mixer and in this mixture the colour is added for the top side of the block. Manufacturers can make different colour block by adding different colours. The raw materials are fed to machine via conveyor belt.

The concrete block making machine are working on Variable Frequency Drive. And it is used to give vibrations for block to make product having good quality and strength. The raw material is fed into hopper and the pallet comes under it. The raw material is fed into mould from hopper and press. The 5 to 50 Hz frequency is used in this machine.

The raw block is ready and it travel through green block conveyor. The ready blocks are collected through mobile staking and the blocks are stored in the curing chamber for 24 hours. The ready blocks are dried by blowing air.

The ready blocks are taken to the d-staking device by forklift and go to the automatic cuber system. The blocks are placed in the cube shape with robotic arm and strapped it in cuber system.

The blocks are ready to use in various construction sites.

Business plan for Concrete Brick Making Business.

First the Concrete Block Making Machine is required which you can buy it from Q Green Techon Pvt Ltd.

With these cement bricks machine manufacturers can make different types of blocks.

This machine can manufacture 3600 fly/concrete bricks, 5040 bricks Pavers, 3600 Interlocking Pavers, 2520 Solid Blocks per hour.

For the manufacturing of Cement Block the 6 to 10 mm stone chips, cement, sand and crusher dust are required which you can buy it from your nearest dealer.

There are 3 labour, 2 operator and 2 drivers are required.

In the market the 1 sqm block are sold to 550 to 700 INR.

There are 2-acre and are required for concrete brick making plant.