How to Pick the Perfect Diamond for Jewellery

How to Pick the Perfect Diamond for Jewellery

The clock is ticking and you have not yet selected your engagement ring. You must have wished for the best preparations for this extraordinary day of your life. Engagements are the first step towards commitment. Keeping all the arrangements aside, choosing an engagement ring can be a tricky task. 

The jewellery stores are flooded with numerous options. Gold, platinum, rose gold, white gold and even sterling silver are trending strikingly. It’s all about your choice that fits your budget. Traditionally, diamond rings were considered engagement rings. The high-class people set this standard about engagement rings back then. Diamonds rings were curated for the rich people only, as they were the ones able to afford them. 

Now, the times have changed and diamonds have become an option for middle-class people too. It’s just a matter of research before you spend your money. 

Of course, luxury class and world-class diamonds are not an option for everyone, but having small diamonds in your engagement rings is possible. Moreover, you can choose diamonds for other pieces of jewellery too. Consider them an option for weddings, and anniversaries if not for your engagement. 

Diamonds are going to stay with you forever. A good quality diamond will get passed down from generation to generation. Thus, before making any significant purchase you must note down these pro tips for life.

After looking at the catalogue you must feel it hard to decide on the best diamond jewellery piece for you. Let’s learn about some basic tricks to choose the perfect diamond for your jewellery.

Do Research Before Buying a Diamond:

The first step in the process is to do your homework well before you enter a jewellery store. You must keep your head clear about what you want and how much you want to invest in a particular item. Every diamond’s shape, colour, size and weight reflects differently on different people. You may like a particular piece of jewellery online, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to suit you. So make sure you are choosing the correct piece before investing a huge amount. Jewellery is considered to elevate your personality, if it’s not the case and just going to get unnoticeable, you should reassess your choice. 

Decide Your Budget:

Whenever you decide to buy a jewellery item, it’s important to set a budget. As you enter a jewellery store you are surely going to get allured by the jewellery pieces higher than your budget. It’s better to tell your salesperson your set amount as you ask for a jewellery item. It saves you from falling for costlier jewellery. In most cases, you can buy two jewellery pieces for the same amount. Never get overwhelmed with peer pressure, or what people will think of you for saving just a little amount. It’s your hard-earned money, so never let anyone else decide it for you.

Decide Shape of Diamond:

The diamond shape is one of the factors that influence its price. Raw diamonds have a different shape when mined. They are given a refined shape to bring out the best of them. Raw diamonds are also trending for the last few years now. Shapes are undoubtedly the first thing that gets noticed. Round brilliant, oval, radiant, pear, marquise, emerald and baguette are some of the most popular shapes all around the world. Pro tip: an elongated shape can be cheaper than a smaller diamond with a smaller shape. Plenty of people confuse shapes and cuts always, both are entirely different characteristics. We will discuss the diamond cuts in the following point.

Cut Quality:

Cut of the diamonds determine the quality, sparkle, shine and price of a diamond. The raw diamonds go through a lot of processing before advancing for sales eventually. These diamonds are cut and polished to improve brightness, shine and lustre. You can choose between Princess-cut, European-cut, Round brilliant-cut, oval-cut, and heart-cut. A well-defined cut makes the imperfections of diamonds less noticeable. It also affects the grading of diamonds. You can easily understand the cut quality by checking the grades of the diamond. 

Choose Your Color:

Colourless diamonds are considered the best of all its colours world white. The pure bright lustre and sparkle mesmerise everyone at a first glance. But to your surprise diamonds are available in ranging colours. The little hues and shades can add an oomph factor to your jewellery item. The irregularities and imperfections are easily detectable on colourless diamonds while it’s not the case in coloured diamonds. Coloured jewellery looks exceptionally beautiful. Diamonds are graded from D to Z ranging from yellow to brown shades respectively. The higher the grade, the darker the shade. Colours also make a huge difference to the value of the jewellery item.

Pro tip: colourless and light hues look better with platinum or white gold. 

Consider The Ring Style:

Ring style means the setting style of diamonds. A lot of diamonds with complex designs may look beautiful on display, but they are not necessarily gonna look impressive on your hands. Choose simple and elegant designs. These are easy to maintain. Secondly, solitaires are always going to be costlier than other diamond rings. The metal colour, diamond setting and shape of the ring are some of the primary factors to be considered. You can always switch to paved diamonds if solitaire doesn’t fit into your budget. Either way, you are taking diamonds home. 

Set a Carat Weight:

Carat weight is an entirely personal choice. The value of a diamond increases exponentially as the carat weight increases. Carat weight comprises one-fifth of a gram. It is the metric measurement of its weight. If you have a low budget, you can always switch from a higher carat weight to a low carat weight diamond. The value and quality are not entirely based on weight only. There is always a possibility of getting a diamond with a low carat weight but a big size. Thus, both these aspects are totally different from one another. 

Keep Clarity Simple:

Clarity is the fourth factor of the 4cs of the diamond. Clarity determines the presence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond. Lesser the blemishes higher the grade of clarity. Thus, higher the price of a diamond. Diamonds may seem eye clean to you but tend to have very precise inclusions and blemishes that are not visible to a naked eye. It takes years of experience and an eagle eye to catch these small details with perfection. However, beginners can always rely on The GIA gradings of diamonds which classify diamond clarity based on terms like FL, IL, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2.  

See Before You Buy:

The world of online trading has become a gamble. It is very difficult to make big investments without even checking the product. The dealers and retailers will assure you of the best quality products, but it’s better to decide on your end. While purchasing jewellery, especially diamonds, beginners get fooled easily most of the time. Always make sure to do a little research about the retailer, its history and reviews by previous customers. Never buy any jewellery without certificates approved by GIA US. There will always be chances of fake certification, so check out the product carefully before making the final payment.