How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate? A Comprehensive Guide

How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

The goal of every agency offering web design services in New York is to create such design and campaigns for their clients that will result in improved conversion rates.

For the uninitiated, the conversion rate is the number of visitors of a website who actually turn into customers i.e. buy its products or services. Usually, it hovers around 2.35%. This is why even if there is a slight growth, digital marketers consider this a success.

On this note, let’s take a look at some effective tips you can follow to improve the conversion rate of your website:

Test Your Landing Pages

You must be wondering why we have mentioned landing ‘pages’ instead of ‘page’, as it’s a known fact that a website has a single landing page. The reason behind this theory is that you should have two landing pages and test both of them.

You should test them not only from a conversion perspective. While you’re at it, test these pages from numerous aspects, including user experience, loading speed, etc. Use this data to improve the design of your website. The better optimized your design, the improved experience of your website. And when the user experience is improved, there’s a chance of getting a better conversion rate.

Have an F-Shaped Pattern for Your Website’s Elements

We bet not many people have even heard of this pattern.

Experts believe that there’s a particular pattern internet users follow when they visit a website, regardless of the website they are surfing. Once you have identified this pattern masterfully, you will know about the areas you can focus on your website and place the most important content there. This will help to grab the maximum attention of the user. This brightens the chances of getting a lead.

As per research, this pattern is as follows;

An average internet user starts from the upper left corner of the website and then moves along the first line. After that, they move downward and focus on the next line. However, not many tend to completely go through it. This creates an F-shaped pattern.

This signifies that the user focuses on the upper left part of the site, and the bottom right portion tends to get overlooked by them. This calls for strategic placement of the content. For instance, you should place headline, important text or call to action in these sections.

Improve the Content of Your Website

This one’s important. While it’s a known fact that not every user who visits your website reads the entire content, it is still important to focus on its quality. You do not know which user will read which part of the content. Therefore, the focus should be on the entire content and its quality.

It should be written by experienced content writers who understand the niche of your website and have ample knowledge of the industry. The content should be authoritative and backed by research. There should be no fluff or filler content. Every line should flow well and be meaningful.

Make sure the font is suitable as well. It should be easily readable. The color of the font matters as well. It should be in contrast with the background image/shade. The graphics must also be of high quality. But, properly optimized as well otherwise, it will impact the loading speed.

Also, the placement of the content matters. It should be easily readable and supported by tables, graphs and images where necessary. Furthermore, if there’s an offer or a new product, it should be highlighted well. However, do not go overboard with pop-ups. They can easily distract and annoy users.

All these factors together will enhance the value of your website’s content and its readability. This, in turn, will increase the stay of the user, which strengthens the chances of lead generation.

Add an Element of Credibility

Internet users have become savvier than ever. They do not like to take risks particularly when it comes to buying something online. The first thing most people do when they need a product or service is to read the reviews of the company. Therefore, encourage your customers to leave reviews or give feedback after they have purchased something from you. Don’t forget to send follow-up messages or emails for this purpose.

Once you have received these reviews, make sure that you are highlighting them on your website and social media pages. This will add an element of credibility to your website.

A Final Word

Incorporating these tips will also help to improve the performance of the SEO company you have hired as well. So, make sure to focus on them if you are thinking of changing the design/outlook of your website.