10 Essential Tips for Class 9 MATHS Olympiad Exam Preparation

Essential Tips for Class 9 MATHS Olympiad Exam Preparation

What is it other than the Festival season? It’s the Olympiad season. Olympiads are round the corner, so we’ve come up with something that’d prove beneficial to you during your preparation in these last few crucial days. 

Since you’re appearing for these exams, you must know that Olympiads check your overall knowledge regarding a topic. You need to boost your analytical skills, reasoning ability, and problem-solving speed.  Preparing for olympiads also helps you understand the level of questions being asked in competitive exams like Joint Entrance Examinations(JEE), National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), etc. Since you’re in grade 9, then these olympiads become even more critical for your school life. Olympiads also play a significant role in your college applications since they reflect your interest in co-curricular academic activities. 

As you now know the advantages of giving these olympiads, it becomes essential to know the preparatory process of these olympiads, conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) since 1996. Since you’re here for Mathematics olympiad preparation, you should know that Mathematics is the most important subject because you can never succeed until you understand it. Understanding is the key.

If you want to improve your marks in this upcoming International Maths Olympiad(IMO), then make sure to follow these essential tips and tricks that’ll eventually help you excel in your preparation! 

Know The Olympiad:

You cannot start preparing for the Big Day until you know the details correctly for the exam. If you are preparing yourself for the IMO, then make sure to cross-check the dates and register yourself for the exam to start preparing yourself accordingly. Go through the previous year’s samples and take an idea of what you’re getting into. Do not go by the said words. Go now and search for yourself.

Learn The Syllabus:

You can never do well in an examination whose syllabus you do not know by heart. Search up the syllabus on the official site of Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF), and you’ll get everything you need, and you’ll see what you need to prepare yourself for! Get it printed and keep slicing off the topics as you keep on covering them.

Solve NCERT Completely:

To grow into a huge tree, you need to have strong enough roots to hold the weight. Similarly, you can never understand complex concepts of any subject if you have not got your basics cleared. So, before leveling yourself up, make sure that you have made your base strong by being thorough with the NCERT and Exemplar books.

Make A Time Table:

Once you’re done with NCERT and Exemplar, it’ll become a little challenging to take out time for something out of your class syllabus on a daily basis. So, it becomes imperative for you to schedule a day’s tasks and try fitting in at least two hours to practice for your upcoming Maths Olympiad. 

Start With Workbooks:

There are plenty of resources on the official website of the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for the preparation of your International Maths Olympiad (IMO). You may start with the Class 9: International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Workbook, containing a question bank for each concept. The questions are framed keeping in mind the question paper pattern. Solving this book will surely help you boost your preparation by improving your question-solving speed and making you familiar with all the kinds of questions related to the topics.

Work On Reasoning Skills:

If you think that you need to focus and practice on your reasoning skills (since they make a significant part of the question paper in your maths olympiad) too, then you may use the resources available online like Class 9: International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Reasoning Workbook. This book will entirely be based on Reasoning Questions, similar to what is asked in the actual Olympiads. Hence, resources like these will surely help you excel in your reasoning skills, thereby boosting your marks.

Previous Year Question Papers:

Once you’re done with the studying and practicing part, it now becomes very important to experience the exam environment and find out where you actually stand. So, to get this done, browse some Maths Olympiad Sample Question PIMO aper 1 Class 9 and create an examination environment at your homes yourself. You may set up a timer and try not to cheat to test your skills honestly. You should practice such tests at least three days a week to learn something new after each test and to enhance your preparation. 

Don’t Stress Out:

Even if you cannot cover each aspect of your syllabus, make sure to cover the essential topics that have more weightage and don’t stress out. Stress is an enemy of success! Do keep this life tip in mind. The preparatory time is the most crucial, so make sure that you utilize that fully and don’t waste a second stressing out.

Revise thoroughly:

There’s no use in studying day and night if you’re not revising the concepts in time. Keep two days reserved in a week just for the sake of revision. If you keep doing this regularly, you’ll notice a considerable increment in your performance. 

Track Your Progress:

On the weekends, make sure to mark on your syllabus how far you’ve come. It’ll help you stay confident and motivated throughout the process as you keep noticing your improvement. And the day won’t be far when you’ll have covered almost everything or the significant portion of the syllabus.

In the end, we hope that these tips will prove beneficial in your preparation for your upcoming International Maths Olympiad (IMO), conducted officially by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). Lakhs of students participate in these olympiads every year, but only a few are able to get recognition. So, don’t worry if you don’t get the best marks this time but giving your 100% is what matters the most! So, learn, practice, and apply everything and give your examination calmy. You’ll ace it for sure! We believe in you. ALL THE BEST!