7 Beauty Treatments You Don’t Need To Give Up Just Because You’re in Lockdown

Beauty Treatments

If you’ve lost count of how many days it’s been since your last professional blow out, you’re not alone. We’re spending more time at home than ever. Just because we’re in lockdown due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our beloved mani-pedis, and beauty treatments. Ladies, there’s a DIY method for everything! We’ve rounded up some tips and ideas to keep your beauty regimen on point at home.

#1. Manicure and Pedicures

Can’t drop into your local nail salon for a new color? No problem! Mix things up with a rainbow manicure by choosing your favorite colors and painting each nail a different color. Go bold; you’re at home. Drop some essential oils into the tub full of warm water to give your feet a relaxing soak before you paint your nails. While it’s nice to have someone do it for you, think about all the things you could do when you get out of quarantine with the money you’re saving.

#2. Hair Extensions

Visiting the hair salon has been off the cards for many ladies during the lockdown. This doesn’t mean your precious locks need to suffer from neglect. While you may not be brave enough to attempt cutting your own hair, you may still want long voluminous and healthy looking hair. Clip-in and halo extensions are a great way to get those luscious locks you’ve been lusting over without worrying about the upkeep of permanent hair extensions. These alternatives cost a fraction of the cost, and you won’t have to worry about long-term damage. Pull them in and out whenever you like.

  • Clip-in Extensions – Clip-in extensions clip into your hair and can elevate the look of your hair by adding volume.
  • Halo Hair Extensions – Halo hair extensions are a one-piece extension with an invisible wire that secures on your head like a headband. These hair extensions can be removed easily and work without any glue.

#3. Facials

If your skin is feeling like it could use some extra TLC, pamper yourself with this skincare routine once a week. Your skin doesn’t have to suffer just because you can’t make an appointment to get a facial. Take matters into your own hands and turn your bathroom into an at-home day spa.

  1. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, oils, and dead skin cells.
  2. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub.
  3. Stock up on face masks the next time you go to the grocery store and treat your partner to a refreshing mask too.
  4. Finally, hydrate your skin with your favorite moisturizer.

#4. Massage

If getting monthly massages is something etched in stone on your calendar, invest in a massage tool or chair for your home. While it may be pricier than your monthly massage membership, it’s something you can use over and over again. Plus, everyone in your home can reap the benefits of your new purchase.

#5. Eyelash Extensions

The reality is, this is one beauty treatment that most of us miss dearly. Eyelash extensions have become a fundamental addition to many beauty regimes. By now, you’ve likely come to terms with the fact that your next fill is way overdue. If you need lashes and wearing mascara just doesn’t cut it, try temporary magnet eyelash extensions. Another option, go back to basics with the classic glue on sets. Your eyelash technician will be happy to see you in no time, but during lockdown, these two options will have to do.

#6. Waxing

While it’s not the most enjoyable of beauty treatments and probably considered a necessary evil for many ladies, if it’s time for some grooming down there, you can still take matters into your own hands. Before you reach for a razor, consider using these at-home hair removal options.

  • Epilator –  If you’ve never tried an epilator, it can be painful (especially if using in sensitive regions like the armpits and down there), but then again, waxing can be too! This can certainly take some time to get use to as it can fell like lots of little pin pricks as the mini tweazers work to pull out each strand of hair. After you’ve aquainted yourself to the strange feeling though, the feeling of an epilator can almost be therapeutic (on your legs at least)! The beauty of epilators is that they let you enjoy smooth skin that lasts approximately four weeks and without the irritation some waxes can cause. Certain epilator brands can be used in the shower, and prices vary.
  • Home Waxing Kits – This is a simple and easy alternative to a professional waxing. Heat up the wax and use the strips to remove any areas of unwanted hair. If it’s your first time using an at-home wax kit, avoid applying wax in the same area twice as your skin will already be sensitive.

#7. At Home Haircuts

During lockdown, it’s hard to avoid videos of partner’s giving their hubbies or boyfriends the at-home hair cut. If this is your first time, here’s a word of advice, avoid doing anything too drastic. While you may have a newfound knack for cutting hair, it’s probably a good idea to get new bangs when the lockdown is over. If you feel tempted to cut, do yourself a favor, and use proper scissors and not something you use to cut paper.

As most of the world remains in lockdown, now is an excellent time to experiment with DIY beauty treatments at home. Switch things up and play around with a new routine to see which hacks work best for you. And if anything goes pear-shape, well at least you’re in self isolation so no one will see it!