Are Homeschool Students Better Than Traditional?

Are Homeschool Students Better Than Traditional

The three main forms of education are public, private and homeschool with various methods in each of these categories. There are also distinct groups that support each of these based on their experience, research and where they look to get results of students who engage in these different approaches. All three are popular and accepted by every state in the country although parents will need to find online homeschool curriculum that meets the state and county guidelines which can vary. There are also pros and cons for each one so here’s a quick look so that families looking to make a decision can choose which one is best for their child.

Public schools are the most common, have been around for a long time and have the least financial cost associated with the education process. One of the primary quality factors about this method is location because there are some public schools in every state that are high-quality and as good as any private or homeschool program. However, there are considerations with this education method such as teacher to student ratio, curriculum, what is and isn’t allowed to be taught, peer pressure, bullying, safety concerns and the rigidity for families who move frequently. Parents who want their child to receive the best education need to carefully review the local schools, check out online resources and determine if their child has the necessary skills to maximize their learning ability in a large classroom. For many kids, they receive a decent education and do just fine graduating from a public school but is it the best when compared to the other options?

The next most popular education choice is the private school which can offer religious or non-religious curriculum options depending on the institution and what the parent is looking for. Many families consider this when they want faith to be included as part of their child’s education because religion is not offered in the public-school environment. Private schools can also provide a stricter structure with uniforms, traditions and codes of conduct which parents find appealing and feel that it offers a higher quality of education.  Expense is one of the top considerations for families because every private school differs in the tuition and fees so it is important to carefully review their curriculum, accreditation and graduation statistics to ensure parents are getting the education they are paying for. There are still some of the same issues such as peer pressure, safety and bullying that exist in the private area although these issues can be dealt with more quickly because of the nature of the system.

Homeschooling is a completely different form of education and has only started growing in popularity over the past one to two decades. There are various methods that can be adopted but one of the easiest and simplest is to find online homeschool curriculum that is accredited, offers college prep courses and is well-established in all grades. Parents have the ability to be part or full-time instructors for their kids or choose the option for the school’s teachers to handle that responsibility through the online portal, email and direct interaction. Kids are safe at home, have a one-to-one relationship with their teacher and can learn at their own pace without stress or peer pressure from anyone else.

These are just some of the benefits that parents enjoy about homeschooling and why it is becoming a more acceptable option in the world of education as school environments become more uncertain. However, it is critical to thoroughly check out the program as there are hundreds to choose from that can offer low quality curriculum instead of the very best that a student needs to navigate through the different grades. Parents should review articles, check out websites, look over the curriculum and talk with the admissions staff before making a decision. Another benefit is that homeschoolers often develop skills not learned in the other forms such as self-study, time management and taking control of their education because homeschooling is an intimate and personal process.

At the end of the day, there is no single right answer because every child is unique with their learning ability, development and personal situation. It is up to the parent to find online homeschool curriculum and check out the local options so they can be weighed against each other to determine the best path. Since all three are recognized education methods, students can switch from one to the other as they need to when necessary but it is important to have the proper documentation and for stability, homeschooling is the most consistent because students can move from one grade to the next without switching buildings or curriculum. All students can succeed but find out which approach is the right method for your child to enjoy their education and reach their full potential.