Do You Use These Cool Accessories With Your Android Phone?

Android Phone

Most people use android smartphone as it is essential for many days to day activities. A smartphone is a type of minicomputer that enables us to do many things. From keeping track of tasks, creating a to-do list, online shopping, making payments, taking pictures, and the list goes on.

There are some things for which we need accessories to do things in better ways. For example, headphones, selfie sticks, portable charger, handsfree, etc. Accessories enable us to use smartphones more quickly and conveniently. Let us check out some cool accessories that every android user should have.

Selfie flash Lights

Who doesn’t like to take a selfie? Most smartphone owners are fond of taking selfies, especially youngsters. However, the light is not always sufficient, and your pictures may lack brightness and details. To capture crystal clear photos, you need selfie flashlight on your phone. There are a variety of selfie flashlights available that you can use on your android phone.

A flashlight can help you take clear pictures, shoot videos in the dark. Moreover, you can use it anywhere to find the way in darkness or at night.

Bike and car phone mount

Every person uses GPS and Google maps to find routes to places. Moreover, some people also like to play songs or videos in their car. A car phone mount is a device that allows you to mount your phone on the dashboard or windscreen. Similarly, a bike phone mount enables you to do the same on the handle of your bike. These mounts allow you to use or view your phone while driving a bike or car.

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are devices that help you to measure your fitness score. There are a variety of fitness tracker devices meant for tracking fitness scores like the heartbeat, blood pressure, pulse rate, calorie burned, etc. Some fitness trackers are wearable while some are not. You can wear the wearable fitness trackers on your arm or wrist to measure your heartbeat, calories burned, or pulse rate while performing cardio. Users can connect the fitness trackers to their android phones through their apps.

Smart watch

Smart watches are gaining popularity due to the functionality and connectivity it offers to people. Most smart watches can perform the functions of fitness trackers and many other things. Users can connect their watch to their android phone to use it more effectively.

Camera Lens attachment

There is no doubt that mobile photography is highly popular across the world. A camera lens attachment is a lens that enables to take high-quality photos with your smartphone. There are a variety of camera lens attachments available. Some of them are simple lenses while others come in various types like Zooming lens, Macro lens, Fisheye Lens, and Super Wide Angle Lens. There are different lenses for different models of phones. Users need to purchase the lens that is made for their model of smartphone.

VR headsets

The virtual reality headsets are the future of home cinema. VR headsets are made to get the home theater experience while watching videos on your smartphone. All you need is to place your smartphone in the VR headset, play the video, and wear the headset to enjoy your videos. The Google Cardboard, Oculus Quest All-in-One, and the Samsung Gear VR are some popular VR headsets available.

Portable Bluetooth speakers

Earlier the wired speakers were popular for use with smartphones, but now Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity. Bluetooth speakers enable users to connect them with their android phone and play music anywhere. They are best for use in home, gym, park, trips and holidays. As Bluetooth speakers are portable, you can carry them to use at almost any place. Almost all speaker companies are offering Bluetooth speakers for smartphones.

USB OTG Flash drive

The latest android features come with an OTG port that enables you to connect a charger as well as OTG drive. It is not possible to connect a standard USB drive to a smartphone. The USB flash drive is the latest addition to smartphone accessories that you can connect to your smartphone. They are especially beneficial for people with modest storage capacity on their android phones. All the major companies like SONY, Sandisk, Samsung, and Kingston offer OTG flash drive for connectivity with smart devices. Some smartphones come with a C type USB port where you can connect a USB C cable for connecting them to a computer or another device.

Final Words

These are some of the latest accessories for smartphones that are gaining popularity in markets. These accessories have improved the ability of android phones and make many things possible. Using these products, smartphone users can enjoy tracking their fitness, watch videos, play music, and use their phones while driving. The accessories for android phones are limitless that opens new possibilities for users and have new experiences with their smartphones.