5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

It is very important that you, as the employer make your employees feel valued and appreciated at the workplace. This is because it boosts their morale, and it can also drive up their productivity.

The following are some of the ways you can show your appreciation to your employees:

Say thank

Most of the time, we tend to be so busy and forget to turn the people next to us and thank them for the great work they’re doing. As the employer, you need to appreciate your employees’ hard work and contributions to the business.

While you’ll find that most employees value paid day-offs and monetary rewards, they also value a simple thank you from their employers. Regardless of whether you want to thank them in person or write a personalized ‘thank you note to them, they’ll appreciate that gesture very much.

The best part about appreciating your employees this way is that it won’t cost you anything, meaning that you can say thank you to them as often you’d like.

Create fun traditions and awards

Every employee committed to serving your company and is loyal to you as the employer is a valuable asset. For this reason, you want to retain such employees in your company for as long as you can so that they can help you build the business and achieve its long-term goals.

One of the most fun ways to show appreciation to your employees is by creating fun traditions that celebrate them. For example, for every successful project or milestone reached, you can present an award to them. Handing out plaque awards and custom engraved plaques that are personalized to each employee and with a special message can help you celebrate your employees’ achievements. You can present one of these plaques to the employee of the month and even the most improved employee in the workplace.

Offer paid time off

In most cases, employees are only allowed a day off when they have an emergency or when they’re sick. And you’ll find that in almost all of these cases, the employee will initiate the discussion about taking time off.

However, as a way of appreciating your employees for a job well done, you can offer them a day off. While your employees might love working for you, they always appreciate a paid day off in which they get to do anything they want.

The best thing about offering your employees a day off is that it works miracles in their morale. This is because they will come back from it more refreshed and rejuvenated to continue with work.

Post them on social media

Another great way of appreciating your employees is by posting them on social media. This is particularly effective because it helps you to recognize your employee’s performance publicly.

You can pick a suitable social media platform where you or your company has an active account, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. On this platform, you post the picture of the employee that you’d like to appreciate and even go ahead to highlight their achievements and contribution to the team.

This is a great way to show your employees that you recognize their work in building the business and it will also motivate others.

Celebrate their milestones

As the employer, it is very important to note that your employees have milestones in their lives that happen both at work and outside of it. For this reason, as a way of appreciating your employees, you want to recognize such milestones and celebrate with them.

These milestones could include birthdays, work anniversaries, marriage, children, work accomplishments, certifications, and even industry awards. You can take a month off to celebrate all the birthdays that happened in that month, or you can celebrate whenever such milestones happen.

Celebrating your employees’ milestones is a great way to show them that you see them as people other than workers. For this reason, do not entirely focus on appreciating their work; appreciate them as people.


Employee appreciation day only happens once a year, but you should learn to appreciate your employees as often as you can. After all, they’re the ones responsible for your company’s success.