5 Ways Technology can Increase Sustainability

Ways Technology can Increase Sustainability

From the world’s creation millions of years ago, the earth had to undergo some incredible evolutionary process to sustain itself in this galaxy. It had to adapt to the progressive changes every day. Even today, we are moving on forward on the road to a sustainable environment. New inventions and creations like virtual escape rooms help in making the earth a sustainable planet. Achieving sustainability in economic development will need adjustments in technical processes, the standard and quantity of resources used, and the commodities produced.

The Economic Development Council believes that the planet must progress to a more energy-efficient community. Everyone who utilizes resources more responsibly and plans industrial methods in ways that minimize and reuse wastes is a future leader. While many technologies affect social activities, they also reflect the aims of sustainable economic growth. The following technologies help in building a sustainable and efficient world:

Internet of Things

At present, the internet has started to rule the world. Internet of Things is nothing but the growth and the role of the internet in our daily lives. One of the main advantages is that IoT maintains and monitors most of our electronic gadgets. It decides the activities and the functions of a device. This process helps in stabilizing sustainability. For example, it can help in saving a lot of energy and resources. At times you might forget to turn off the lights or other appliances in your home. You might have left the place too. But IoT can help you in such situations. All the devices can be connected to your mobile. You can control everything inside your house while you are away too. It also helps companies to track their stocks and then monitors the lifecycle of the products. Get yourselves updated to build a sustainable environment.

Energy Storage:

A Battery is a known thing to everyone. In the past, we all used batteries to operate gadgets. Later, we learned to use natural resources such as sunlight, wind, and water effectively. We thought by using Solar energy, wind energy, and tidal energy, and we would be able to save a lot of power. But some amount of power had to be spent to generate the electricity from these resources. Some modern battery methods, such as Tesla’s Powerwall, help use energy in a less wasteful way. Many companies and businesses use this technology to store and utilize power in an efficient manner.

Many other energy sources such as biomass, tidal source, and geothermal sources have helped us maintain our resources thus far. But the world is highly exploited every day. We need to save something for our future generation.

Meat Alternatives

Everyone loves to eat meat. We spend a lot of money on meat. But according to a study, it is said that animal agriculture estimates roughly 15 % of human discharges around the world. So by reducing the intake of meat, we can significantly lower pollution. Surely technology can help us with that. Few companies have started to manufacture plant-based substitutes for meat. This replacement will guide people through a sustainable and healthy diet without eating salads for every meal. Meat alternatives are healthier and more nutritious at the same time. It can help you maintain your weight in the right place.

Indoor Farming

Agriculture uses up a lot of lands, but that’s not necessary. Indoor farming is more efficient and more straightforward than traditional one. Nowadays, farmers have to destroy animal habitats to plant crops. Indoor agriculture doesn’t use as much land and thereby decreases habitat destruction. Climate control technology can be used to produce seasonal crops throughout the year. We all know the world’s population increases every day. In this case, this new technology could prove vital. We all need agriculture. At the same time, we are all running out of space. But using this technology, we can still maintain sustainability.

Nowadays, rooftop farming and terrace farming have been practiced by a lot of people around the world. This can help you grow your food in your home itself. When you buy veggies from the shop, you might fear if they were harvested using chemicals. Home farming would help you grow your vegetables and fruits with divine satisfaction and happiness in your heart. You can even reuse the seeds from your harvest for your future plantations. The wastes generated from your garden can be used as a fertilizer for your crops too.

Electric Vehicles:

The world is running out of fewer fuel resources. It is also impossible to lead our lives without vehicles. New technologies such as solar vehicles and battery vehicles would be the perfect alternatives. They help in saving a lot of resources and eco-friendly at the same time. It requires a lot of amounts and wastage when you extract petrol from underground. It is not eco-friendly too. The harmful gases released from the vehicles would affect your lungs and cause problems while breathing. It may even create holes in the ozone layers leading to the exposure of harmful rays. But electric vehicles help in building an eco-friendly atmosphere.

In the future, we can expect the replacement of fuel vehicles with electric vehicles. This replacement would surely bring some noticeable to our environment.

The world is all yours:

Though we may live in one corner of the world internet has connected us all. Before few years, we long for gifts and chocolates from guests who used to come from a different country. But today, we can buy any product from any part of the world online. Many online platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, and Snapdeal have made our lives simpler. They have made us all think that the world is too small to live. Online shopping would help us save our time, energy, and the cost of traveling and purchase. Online food delivery has also helped us in leading a sustainable life by dedicating our time and energy. Whatever you wish you can buy it from any part of the world.

Salt Water Treatment:

We all would have heard the fact that only 2.5-2.7 % of the water is freshwater. Recently most of the countries have started to face a lack of water. In some countries, the cost of a water bottle is more than the cost of petrol. To meet the deficit of fresh water, we can recycle and retreat the seawater to a useable state. This treatment of water would meet the water deficiency in most of the places. This can help us in leading a sustainable life and save some freshwater for the future generation.

Paper Recycling:

We all know that papers are made using bamboo trees. Over 160,000 trees are cut every day to make paper. We can’t lead our lives without reports. So instead of using new pieces for making cardboards and packing covers, recycled documents could be used. Recycling of forms would help us to protect thousands of trees from being cut every day.

We all need to have one thing before we waste a natural or human-made resource. Our children would be the sufferers of mistakes. If we want to see them live happily, we need to guard our resources. These sustainable technologies would help us in leading a sustainable life.