The Need to Get a Certification for DevOps Foundation that is Provided by Us and its Various Benefits

The Need to Get a Certification for DevOps Foundation that is Provided by Us and its Various Benefits

DevOps is a combination of practices that connects software development to the operations of IT. It shortens the life cycle of systems development and provides continuous delivery of software of the topmost quality. DevOps is complementary with Agile software development and several of its components use the methods of the Agile framework. The purpose of introducing DevOps was to improve the quality of communication and collaboration that occurs between a software development team and IT professionals. With the help of DevOps complexity gets reduced and the entire process of streamlining is no longer required.

Nowadays, all organizations are looking forward to adopting the practices that are advantageous to them technically like that of continuous delivery, fast solutions, reduced complexity, and a stable work environment. All of these are made possible by DevOps so basically, organizations are hiring people who have a DevOps foundation certification. DevOps is a movement that is not only professional but also cultural. Recruiters at big firms want people who are educated with the use and knowledge of DevOps technologies and tools so that they can solve all sorts of complex problems faced by them.

Zeolearn offers you a DevOps course of 16 hours that will provide you with an introduction to DevOps tools and techniques. At the end of the completion of this course, you will be able to make use of the tools and principles of DevOps to achieve an organized collaboration between development, operations, and QA to deliver a high-quality product. By taking our course you’ll get the benefit of learning from expert trainers who are familiar with the field of DevOps. Once you take our course, you’ll be able to pass the DevOps Foundation certification exam with ease and get hired by big organizations. The certification that we would provide to you will gain you a credential that will get you recognized as a person who is committed to their career and reaching the goals of the organization.

A list of things that you’ll learn in the DevOps course 

  • Improving the performance and quality of all sorts of processes 
  • Nipping bud problems at an early stage so that they don’t become a complex problem later
  • Safeguarding the infrastructure with the help of DevOps tools and techniques
  • Providing quick solutions to complex problems 
  • Automating tasks using Bash/Python
  • The basics of scripting are also taught in the DevOps course
  • Automatic installation of continuous integration, servers, configuration deployments, and packaging

If you register yourself to take our DevOps course then you’ll get access to all DevOps-related webinars and materials including guidance presentations. This course is best for you if you are a project manager, software developer, testing professional, architect, etc. because it provides you with various sorts of benefits. Before applying for this course you must be familiar with the basics of a high-level programming language like Linux and have some networking knowledge.