6 Ways to Get the Brows of Your Dreams

Ways to Get the Brows of Your Dreams

It’s one thing to hang a stunning piece of art on a wall in your home. Even though it’s beautiful, it’s typically incomplete without the proper frame. Just like artwork and good framing go hand in hand, your face and your eyebrows matter immensely. Your eyebrows frame your face. When they’re groomed and maintained well, this highlights and accents the rest of your face. If you’ve been struggling in the brow department, don’t worry. There are a number of ways you can work toward achieving the brows of your dreams.

1. Take Supplements

If you want to showcase external beauty, know that it starts internally. What you put in your body impacts what you see on the outside. This is why supplements are excellent additions to any diet. When women want to enjoy glowing skin, growing hair, and strong nails, they turn to biotin. Biotin is known to help with hair growth. It’s not just about growing the hair on your head either. Hair grows everywhere. When you take a supplement in liquid form, this can absorb faster into the bloodstream. Knowing this, consider taking biotin or another beauty supplement for hair, skin, and nail growth.

2. Use Topical Treatments

There are plenty of serums, balms, and ointments that can be topically applied in order to stimulate hair growth for the eyebrows. For a natural solution, many women turn to castor oil as a treatment. With your nighttime routine, apply a bit of castor oil on your eyebrows each night. In addition to beauty brands releasing eyebrow serums, it’s possible to get medical treatments to stimulate hair growth. See your dermatologist or primary care physician in order to get a prescription.

3. Try Cosmetic Tattooing

While many people love waxing and threading, those options provide their own pitfalls as well. Consider trying the cosmetic tattoo methods for shading that looks authentic, seamless, and stunning. When professionals use these techniques, the look of a hair stroke eyebrow appears natural yet well-groomed. The results last a lot longer. Plus, this option is perfect for the busy woman on the go.

4. Perfect Your Makeup Skills

One of the most empowering things you can do is learn how to apply makeup in a way that conceals any of your insecurities or imperfections. Learn how to fill in those sparse parts of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Identify which eyebrow pencil color is right for your face. Get rid of jet black eyebrow pencils. They look too harsh on the face. As you learn how to shade and accurately draw lines that look authentic, you’ll be able to keep up your look in between appointments.

5. Know Your Face

Get to really know your face. Employ good lighting, and use a great mirror to study the details of your face. Understand that this isn’t a pass to become narcissistic or self-absorbed. It’s just important to know your face, your facial structure, and your angles. This will help you develop a set of brows that will accurately enhance the natural beauty of your face. Even though it’s nice to be inspired by someone else’s brows, you can’t copy and paste. You have to use other examples as inspiration as you build your own set of good-looking brows.

6. Maintain the Right Home Care Routine

Resist the temptation to tweeze and pluck every time you look in the mirror. In fact, it’s possible to pluck too frequently and negatively impact those follicles. While you might want to get rid of some of your eyebrow hairs, tweezing and plucking too much can actually result in permanent hair loss. Develop a schedule that allows you to pluck at a certain time on a bi-weekly basis.

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow you to bookmark and save photos as you come across them. Create a private inspiration folder on one of these apps, and collect photos of brows you love. As you save more photos of the brows you desire, pay attention to the similarities in order to know what you’re most attracted to in eyebrow styles. It’ll also be much easier to show a professional brow stylist what you want when you can pull up photos. Before long, you’ll be able to look in the mirror and marvel at the beautiful way your eyebrows perfectly frame your face.