Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing Tools

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Email and social media marketing are excellent marketing tools that can help promote a company’s products or business persons and increase their income generation through direct contact with the customers. Here is a clear description of both the marketing tools and the best one to choose for a successful business.

Email marketing is digital and direct marketing, where people promote their products and services using emails. It helps in informing the customers about your business and the latest items available. The customers are also able to know about the discount offers on your product.

Email marketing helps engage the customers by creating brand awareness on certain products, thus building the relationship between the business people and their clients. Email marketing vs social media marketing involves the process of reaching out to new people who would love your products and converting them to potential customers.

One should choose from email marketing vs. social media marketing depending on the brands they want to promote. In most cases, email marketing usually makes the best choice for driving sales. 

This article will describe some of the causes to choose either email marketing or social media marketing and the advantages in each case.

When to use email marketing

Email marketing is usually a digital marketing tool that is generally effective in achieving short-term loans of an organization. When boosting sales for a specific product, it is always advisable to send direct email messages to your customers to inform them of specific offers of your products.

Email marketing is therefore essential when;

i)You want to drive the traffic to the website.

ii) You want to foster the loyalty of customers.

iii) You need to provide brand awareness to your customers.

iv) You want to use a cost-efficient and effective digital marketing tool.

v) You want to develop or improve the conversation between you and your customers.

vi) You want to nurture the leads.

Advantages of email marketing

Many companies and business people usually use email marketing to generate more income through the personalized messages that they send to customers to create brand awareness of their products. Below are the main advantages of email marketing;

  1. Email marketing helps business people to reach their audience at the right time

It does this by ensuring the quickest and easy way to engage the audience with its products at the right time. That makes it convenient for the customers to purchase any consequences of their needs at any time.

  1. Promotion of personalized communication

Email marketing helps in promoting personalized communication hence making the customers feel special. It can also improve user engagement by sending a personal email to a specific customer.

  1. Improvement of sales

Email marketing helps improve sales through campaigns that provide essential roles in time-saving for sales teams and lead qualifiers. One can easily track their goods by just clicking on the links provided in the email.

  1. It helps in the generation of effective campaign

Email marketing is usually cost-effective since you only need to create engaging content with attractive images to help with the effectiveness and quick run of the campaign process.

  1. It is essential in sending timely campaigns

One can always use short notice on the planning for a whole email marketing campaign and make sure that the customers get the message at the right time to engage them more.

When to choose social media marketing

There are various reasons why marketers choose social media marketing. Some of the reasons include when;

i)You want to attract more new customers.

ii) You want to provide leads.

iii) For managing online reputation.

iv) You want to strengthen the promotion of a brand.

v) You want to humanize your brand.

vi) For increasing the traffic on the website.

vi) You want to have a partnership with influencers.

Advantages of social media marketing

  1. It helps in connecting with the audience easily

There is always an easy connection with the audience through hosting lives and posting content as images or videos on your timeline in social media marketing.

  1. It helps in the market research globally

Many global users keep using social media, enhancing companies and business owners to promote their products through social media networks.

  1. It helps in the strengthening of online reputation

Social media marketing helps preserve the importance of good customer services since one can potentially reply to destructive comments.

  1. It helps in the creation of brand awareness

One can effectively produce brand awareness by exclusive leveraging on social media. It also helps in preserving and maintaining the connection between the business providers and the customers.

Email marketing is considered the best marketing tool by thoughtful insights with a margin of 1%. However, social media marketing is also among the top best marketing tools that can help increase the business output.


Email marketing vs social media marketing are essential tools for connecting customers and increasing the brand awareness of specific products. They help various companies to generate more income on the sales of their products.