Money vs Health – What is more important?

Money vs Health

Many believe that money is the basis of the whole world, the existence and development of mankind. Yes, a lot is possible with them, but most people clearly overestimate their importance and even make a cult of them, they live their whole lives in pursuit of imaginary happiness, believing that an extra thousand dollars on their account will make them more attractive, harmonious and happy. again – they can change your appearance, but not you.

Reaching everything, some understand that money did not make them happy – very often everything is the other way around. In the race for green papers, people very often do not notice the most important thing, they miss their whole life, they miss very important moments.

Every day we spend a huge amount of resources on performing any tasks: it can be both work, household duties, and personal needs. The fact is that over the years we do not get younger and our health does not improve. And gradually, giving more and more health. We try to get in return something we want, which we consider to be equal to it.

It can be doing sports: a lot of athletes devote themselves to it and spend half their lives (and some more) on it. Most often, we ruin our health at work, and whoever you are, literally come to sacrifice them in order to complete this or that task in order to get a well-deserved payment.

From this the question ripens: is it worth it? And what is more important, money or health? The opinions of people are divided: someone says that money cannot buy health, and they will be partially right. Why not completely? Because some health problems can be solved, just the same, only when you have money. And, it turns out, if we talk about what is easier to restore, then this is money.

Those who strive to earn more are undoubtedly great, because they want more, but there are people who bring themselves to a difficult state. You can immediately remember the Japanese who overwork without sparing themselves. Some people are so chasing after success, a large salary that they not only do not pay attention to their health, but, one might say, lose themselves.

How to preserve your health, but not be left without money?

Here are some ideas that can help you not only avoid recycling, but also enjoy your work:

Remote work

This type of work will allow you not to waste your time on the road to work, but to devote more time to yourself and, possibly, your family, and so on. Yes, this option is not suitable for everyone, if only because not everyone likes it, many prefer to work in the office, even having the opportunity to work from home, or people whose spend is simply not allowed to be absent, directly, at the place of work, is, for example, construction workers, lawyers, cooks and other workers in similar professions. Although, perhaps, over time, technologies will change and in our place there will be only computers, we do not know this, but for now everything is so.

Passive income

If you are in a business or similar activities, then it would be a good idea to think about such an option as passive income. It is enough to understand this issue and save the earned money for the future, and for the future of your loved ones, for example.

Investing in cryptocurrency

An option that will help you, having understood this area, multiply your savings at times. For example, it is possible to invest money on ICOholder, follow the statistics and data of a certain cryptocurrency, and withdraw funds at a tedious moment for you. Many people use this option, because in this case there is no need to rush to work in the morning, standing in long traffic jams, no need to swear with the authorities and wait until the pension comes to take a break from all this. Even retirees can do this.

Think ahead

As strange as this advice may seem to you, many people use it. Many people initially go to college thinking about what prospects await them in a stormy workplace. And, no matter how easy the job seems at first glance, even it can harm your health. It would seem that he is an ordinary school bus driver: he does not deduce geometric formulas, does not strain his mathematical or other abilities associated with the invention of something new, but, as a result of being constantly in a sitting position, he injures his back. He always needs to be careful on the road, because the lives of all those he drives are at stake – there may be vision problems, headaches and other diseases, not to mention accidents on the road, which may not be his fault, but will damage his. You just need to take into account not only your strengths and abilities, devoting yourself to this or that case, but also take into account your weaknesses, those in which you may have complications in the future.

Examples based on real events:

We all know cases when small children literally from birth had serious illnesses, and such that their treatment was unprecedentedly expensive. This is probably the case that both money and human health are equally important. At this moment, people collecting for treatment, naturally, think about where to find a tedious amount in order to help the child, because the parents want him to recover faster and everything will work out for him.

There are even cases when money will not save sick people: there are some rich people who are unhappy because they suffer from various diseases. Even huge amounts of money cannot help them improve their health. Of course, when you have money, you can avoid many problems, but not all.

By the way, if you think so, then without health, a person’s chick will not be able to make money. And harm, we can talk in this case only about people with disabilities. It is worth mentioning here the spiritual health of a person, mental health: a person who aggressively, spitefully reacts to something wrong at the workplace will not be hired; they will not take a mentally unhealthy person, because it is not known what to expect from him, it may even be dangerous in some cases.

There is an expression that the pursuit of money and career at the expense of everything else – family, friends, personal time – devastates a person and does not lead to happiness. And yes, this can deprive you not only of your health, but also of people nearby: relatives, friends. Someone can remain a greedy, lonely person.

If you are an entrepreneur or a leader, then you probably think about your business, almost constantly. Ultimately, this may lead you to believe that if you do not work day after day without interruption, there is failure. This is, one might say, a typical problem of busy people. They think that if they allow themselves to relax a little, they will not be able to return to their best shape and someone will definitely take their place. Yes, it’s important to stay strong, but it’s also worth giving yourself time to rest, a break.

Trust the people you work with.

Let them do their job and then go about their own business. Make sure your business is strong. Explore new ways to make it stronger and stronger. Get feedback from your team, and then develop a plan of action that will lead you to success.

Watch what you eat

Go in for sports, because a strong, sharp and productive mind requires an equally strong and fast, and most importantly, a healthy body. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder, you just need to set goals, achieve them, and then set new ones, over and over again. This will teach you how to do the same with your business, which means it will be useful.

Monitor your well-being

Feeling unwell? Go to the doctor. Your business needs you healthy and strong, able to clearly muster and overcome obstacles, both physical and psychological.This means that you need to take care of yourself so that your thoughts are clear and you have the strength to lead your team, your business to success.


Usually our status is determined by the amount of money we have. Whether we like it or not, this is the truth of life. If you don’t have a lot of money, this is not a cause for frustration. You are not obsessed with the idea of getting rich, but simply live and enjoy all the benefits that you have. Some things are worth more than money, and we should value them.

What happens not to be engaged, remember that you have one life and health should be protected, you need to take care of yourself and, no matter how you need money, not bring yourself to the hospital. Be healthy and happy.