Is Creating an Author’s Website Really Important in 2023?


If you are an author and do not have your own author’s website, then you are missing a really important element in the success of your online presence. An author’s website is important because it makes visitors aware of your work. So, in order to market your books and step ahead of the game, you should invest in author website design services.

An author website can help you promote your brand and connect with the readers by showcasing your work and basic information about yourself. Your website can facilitate you in numerous ways, as many readers buy their books online. So, to maintain your online presence, you can hire professional website designers who will help you draw the visitors’ attention toward your website and turn those visitors into potential customers. 

However, if you are still confused about hiring a website designer, I’m here to help you out. Let’s see what is an author’s website before moving toward the benefits of an author’s website. 

What Is an Author’s Website?

We all know an online presence is necessary to promote your business in this digital era. The author’s website can help to share stories with the audience and sell books to strengthen your online presence. You can customize your website according to your choice, but authors usually include the author’s bio, book information, newsletter, blogs and articles, and contact info. 

Importance of an Author’s Website?

Is it worth creating an author’s website? The simplest answer to this question is; yes. Many of us think that making an author’s website is completely useless and time-consuming, but the truth is that author’s website is really important for your connection with the readers. So, to build an online presence and connect with the fans by showcasing your talent, you must have your own author’s website. 

Why Should You Use Website Design Services?

We know that creating a website yourself is not everyone’s domain, but website design services are here to save you. There are numerous sites where you can subscribe for a very low price and design a website for your business by just dragging and dropping. But, there are many advantages to hiring a professional from a website design agency that constructs your website for you compared to doing it yourself. Here are some reasons to hire a qualified website design company to create your website.

Benefits of Choosing Website Design Services

There are several essential benefits to choosing website design services. Here are some listed below:

Increased Sales 

If you want to increase the sales of your book, you should invest in website design services. A well-designed website will draw more readers and aid in turning those readers into potential customers. This will unavoidably result in an increase in revenue for your business.


If you want to maintain a competitive edge and outshine others, you need a website. Designing your website following the latest trends with compelling content can drive your readers toward your masterpieces. This will support you in marketing, making you better than others. 

Creates a Promising First Impression 

Many website design companies compromise your credibility, so in order to create a good first impression on the readers, you need to hire professional website designers who can make your website a good source of marketing. 

Reduces Bounce Rate

Do you know what the bounce rate is? When people leave your website after visiting your home page due to any reason is called a bounce. So, you should hire professional designers who will design your website in a way that people will visit it and stay on it. They will design a responsive, user-friendly, appealing, and easy-to-navigate website to make the visitors dive deep into your website to know more about you and your work. This will help in reducing the bounce rate. 

Good Google Ranking 

A poorly designed website can significantly affect your search engine ranking. Google considers the hard work a company does for its websites. So, if you want your website to be at the top of a google search, you need to create and design your website properly. 

Consistency of the Brand

Many websites use inappropriate colors and logos that do not match the content of your website. This can lead to a bad impression of your website and impact credibility. So, in order to showcase the best assets of your brand, you should hire an experienced website designer who will use the correct logo, fonts, and colors to enhance the content of your website.

What Pages Should You Include On the Author’s Website?

Several website designing agencies give you choices to build pages on your website. When creating an author’s website, you should consider some important things. For example, your pages should be well-organized and easy to navigate with clear information, so people don’t get confused. 

Here are some pages that you can include on your website,

Home Page

The home page is the first thing people notice, so you should always design your home page to attract people to your content. This page should reflect everything about you and your work. You can introduce your new collection of books on this page, announce the launching of your new books, and also include a signing-up email section for the people.

Add an About Page

You should add an about page on the author’s website that will include your biography. Visitors, readers, and agencies want to know more about the way your work, your inspirations, and the awards you possess. So, you can divide your about page into sections, including residencies, fellowships, awards, and reviews, to make your bio look professional. 

Books Information Page 

You should have a book page and divide it into different sections. You can showcase them on separate pages if you write in different genres or series. It would help if you also took care of attractive cover images and enticing blurbs of your books. Not just that, but you should also include links to guide people about the purchasing process. 

Media Page

If you have written a new book and want to promote it, include a media page on your author’s website. This page contains a press kit the reporter will use to get the correct information to share. The kit usually comprises the author’s picture, book information, press release information about the book, and some readers’ reviews. 


A blog page can bring you significant benefits. They can also help SEO your site if you update them regularly. You can build connections with your audience and keep posting for a week or two to maintain your online presence.

Final Thoughts!

The author’s website is essential for your online presence. So if you want to connect with your readers by promoting your books, you should hire professionals for website design services. The author’s website contains a home page, book page, media page, and blog page. You can increase the sales of your books and increase credibility while reducing the bounce rate, and it also impacts the google ranking and consistency of your online presence.