Instagram For Business: How To Use Instagram Not Just For Sharing Photos

How To Use Instagram Not Just For Sharing Photos

What will you think of when you hear the word “Instagram” platform of sharing photos is not only photos, it is the best platform to share video content. Instagram provides more opportunities and helps brands to develop their business by creating videos. It is a huge platform with more than 1 billion active users so businesses can easily connect with audiences by motivating them and conducting contests. You can use Instagram in more ways than posting photos. If you’re still using Instagram to share photos this article gives you an explanation to increase your engagement and grow your followers. 

Add Location

Neither video nor photo add the location on your posts to show where you’re. Add the location of your store to easily identify your audiences to make a visit. For example, you could upload a photo or video of your store where people could find it easily. Check whether the location you added is correct or not because if your shop is surrounded by buildings it could be hard for customers to find your shop. Create an attractive bio with the exact address of your store which appears first when someone visits your Instagram page. 

Run Contests

Try to run giveaways or contests to get more attention from the audience. When audiences interact with participating in the contests the engagement and traffic increase. There are a lot of ideas to host giveaways and contests on Instagram to select the perfect one for your niche. Conduct contests to build relationships and brand awareness to gain more new followers on Instagram. Ask your followers and friends to post stories and posts about the contests to drive more traffic. If you use this strategy perfectly you could easily get more interactions and engagement. 

Motivate Your Audiences

Create video content to motivate or inspire your audiences. People love to interact with the content which motivates them. For example, if your product is about fitness, motivate your followers by creating content of popular bodybuilders and their stories. Upload at least one inspirational video on Instagram to brighten your followers’ day. Motivate your audiences about the use of your product and how securely you produce the products. Posting this kind of content will show your brand’s personality and encourage people to purchase your products. This will help you to receive positive comments and trust in your brand. 

Create Shoppable Posts

Focus on creating shoppable posts which is the best way to drive traffic and increase your brand’s credibility. Create unique content to promote your product and add the link of your posts which directly takes you to the product page on Instagram. Check the link you added directs to the particular product page. These posts will help to increase sales and engagement on Instagram. When you create shoppable posts users can scroll through the product image and if they like it they can purchase it by clicking. Creating attractive posts and upload them on Instagram to receive huge engagement. 

Use Call To Action

Before uploading your posts on Instagram remember to add a call to action which encourages audience interaction. Ask any questions at the end of the content or in the description to get more comments from the audience. The total number of comments received on your reels video will help to increase engagement. Remember that all your content added with a call to action might not receive the same level of interaction. The other terms of engagement namely likes and views are more fundamental to make your content the talkabout. The productive way to solve this problem is to widen your exposure with reels views and signal the relevancy of your post to the reels algorithm. Using a call to action helps you to connect with audiences and triggers them to visit your product page. 

Post-Video With Edits

Almost every brand and users post original videos that they record. But it doesn’t grab the audience’s attention. Upload videos with some effects after recording the video with given effects, filters, and stickers on Instagram or edit in an external application to look more attractive. The posts which look creative and attractive receive a lot of engagement and traffic. Before creating videos select a perfect location and shoot in high-resolution gadgets to give a professional look and save time. Show some interest in editing the videos and post on Instagram to enhance engagement. 

Share Some Information

Create videos on what you know and educate your audiences. Most Instagram users love to learn something that they don’t know still. You can share anything with your audiences not only about your products and brands. This will help you to reach more people in a short time and the interactions increase when you’re informative. Share your personal experiences, struggles, and failures you faced. Update any information about your products and brands to engage with your audiences. This could help you to grab more followers and Instant fame on Instagram. 


Creating valuable content is something that businesses should not overlook. If you want to grow your Instagram account, you must experiment with all the video features available to reach wider audiences. Using Instagram videos is an effective way to grow your business and reach new heights.