How to Maintain Your Beard for the Winter Season

How to Maintain Your Beard for the Winter Season

Winter brings with it harsh environments that might lead to damage to your beard. Many people do not look at winter this way because all they see is cold and assume that the cold will make the beard grow faster. You need to take extra care of your beard during winter. To ensure your bread stays healthy, here are a couple of things you can do.

Cut Back on Shampoos

Even though you still need to wash your beard at least twice each week, cut back on the shampoo that you use. Shampoos are known to be effective when it comes to stripping away excess grease, and that is what will affect your beard. If you want to clean your beard more than once, just use clean water and rinse off the buildup. It will ensure your beard retains the moisture it needs while staying clean.

Cut Back on Time Spent in Hot Showers

Winter makes hot showers sound like a godsend, but they can work against you. When you stay that extra 10 minutes in the shower, the one thing you forget is that it will strip out your beard and skin of the oils it needs to stay healthy. Switch up the hot showers for a warm one and cut back on the amount of time you spend in the shower.

Pat Dry

While the water might be a great friend to your beard in other seasons, it is your greatest enemy in winter. The reason for this is water droplets will freeze up on your beard and might lead to it breaking up. Ensure that you dry your beard properly when you get out of the shower. Be gentle on it and only pat dry as rubbing it around will cause the hair to get weak and break.


If there is one thing winter does to our skin and hair, it is get rid of the necessary moisture for its growth. Your beard needs to get enough moisture so it can grow out faster. If you leave it dry after a wash, then chances are the cold air will make the beard feel dry after a while. You will notice that it gets tangled, and you get more breakage when you comb through it.

There are some natural hair growth products that you can use when moisturizing. Not only will they ensure that your beard does not dry up, but they are also known to aid in making your beard grow faster. Here are some of the products you need to get for your beard.

  • Beard oil- It will lock in the moisture
  • Beard balm- It adds moisture to the bread and ensures your skin does not dry up.
  • Conditioner- It ensures that your beard is easy to style despite the harsh air around you.

Detangle Your Beard

To look neat, ensure you comb and detangle your beard. Since you have beard products, they will make your beard soft enough to grow. Be gentle on it so you do not end up damaging it as you comb through the hairs. Styling your beard ensures none of the hairs get entangled and breaks away when you next wash it or comb through it.

Dress Appropriately

Another reason your hair will get damaged in winter is that you do not dress up for the weather. If you plan on leaving the house, ensure you use winter apparel. Use a scarf to cover up your beard so there is no contact with the cold air from the outside. If you can wear a ski mask that covers your beard, it would work as well. Winter air tends to freeze up on your beard after a while, and while it might look interesting, it will lead to your beard breaking off. Never leave the house without covering up your beard.

Taking care of your beard should not be a difficult thing. All you need to remember is that you need to keep your beard moisturized at all time and not strip it of its natural oil. With these in mind, the rest of the things you do will come naturally to you. Use the right products on your beard, and you will notice it grow even in the cold and harsh season.