5 Home Expenses You Should Never Cut Back On

Home Expenses You Should Never Cut Back On

In 2021, household debt in America was a staggering $15 trillion! That amount of money is almost unfathomable, but the good news is there are ways to reduce it. Unfortunately, most people think that the best way out of that problem is to sign up for loans and more credit cards, which is just more debt.

A better solution is to cut back on your expenses and save where you can. While there are some areas where you can and should cut back, like luxury purchases – there are five household expenses that you should never skimp on.


Monthly rent and housing costs amount to most of the overheads in an average household. That amount varies from house to house and can range anywhere from 30 to 60% of a family’s monthly expenses.

While you can look at moving into a smaller home, downsizing is entirely different to defaulting. You should never skip a rent payment as it could result in you being evicted from your home.

If you run into a sticky situation, rather chat to your landlord or bank immediately and find a way to resolve the problem.

School Fees

Childcare and school fees are necessary expenses. You never want to jeopardize your child’s future or leave them in the care of someone who isn’t as qualified or experienced to look after a child.

You can shop around for schools that don’t compromise on education but do offer financial assistance. More often than not, those programs are awarded to learners with good marks so don’t skimp on your children’s homework helpers because it could end up saving you money and help you plan your finances.


As tempting as it is, never cancel your insurance policies. Murphy’s Law is a nasty fella, and the time you lose cover will be the time you need it the most. Shop around for insurance and look for better deals that combine your different policies and offer a multi-discount.

Read up on USAA insurance reviews to get a better idea of what deals are out there and how you could potentially be saving a significant amount of money every month.

Your Favorite Streaming Service

As much as streaming services and entertainment packages might seem like a waste of money, they aren’t. Laughing and relaxing after a long day at work is an invaluable thing. Even if you can only keep one entertaining service running, it will be worth it for your mental health and wellness.

Choose a bundle deal that you can bolt onto another service that you need, such as your internet connection – sometimes that can help save you money without you having to sacrifice one service for another.

Balanced Diet

Yes, food price increases can be financially crippling, but don’t forgo a healthy diet. Your family and children need to live a healthy lifestyle, and discounted processed food isn’t part of that equation!

Buy your fruit and veg in bulk, if possible, and hit up the farmer’s markets over the weekend for fresh finds that are good for everyone.