Everything You Need to Know About the React JS Training Course

Everything You Need to Know About the React JS Training Course

If you were looking for information regarding the React JS training, then you’ve found the right article. We offer a course on React JS to those who wish to learn it.

We teach react using hooks, contexts, portals etc. so that the learner can know how to use React JS for practical purposes. We teach the method of writing in a particular manner in order to be able to build real-world projects.

From routing to testing, we take care of all the necessary details that are needed to be covered in a training course of React JS. We provide an immersive way of learning using Cloud Labs, exercises and assessments.

What is React JS and what is its use?

React JS is a free open-source front-end JavaScript library that is used for the purpose of building user interfaces on the basis of UI components.

React JS is used as a base to develop single-pages or applications for mobile phones, whether android or iOS. It basically helps to build user interfaces for them. It can handle the view layer for various types of web and mobile applications.

If you learn React JS or take a training course for it then you will also be able to create UI components that are reusable.

Necessary details about the React JS course

The React JS course offered by us might be just what you need. We teach all the necessary basics first to any learner so that once he or she is acquainted with us, we can move towards the more complex stuff. By complex, we mean sophisticated and scalable web applications. Here’s what you’ll learn in the training course offered by us:

  • Building real-world projects in an environment that is work-like
  • Building scalable and sophisticated web or mobile applications
  • Client-side routing with the application of a React Router
  • Global state management and transitions with the help of Redux
  • Serverside rendering and testing with the use of Jest, Enzyme etc.
  • Compiling a project portfolio in a professional manner in order to showcase your skills in future

Besides this, the React JS training format has two options. You can either opt for Blended Learning which means there will be electronic and online means of teaching along with the traditional face-to-face method or you can opt for a Self-Paced mode of learning in which you can learn in your own time and make up your own schedule keeping the rest of your priorities in mind. The second option was made for those who have a busy schedule and are free only for a specific time in the day. So whichever option you choose, we’ll be there at your service. 

Here’s a list of benefits that you’ll receive if you choose our React JS training course – 

  • Led sessions with a live instructor for 32 hours so that you can clear all your doubts
  • Hands-on with Cloud Labs for more than 120 hours.
  • Recall quizzes and assessments that are auto-graded so that you can know how much you have learnt so far.
  • Capstone projects as well as assignments so that you have experience in creating real-world projects.
  • Self-paced learning mode as per your demand which can be scheduled by you according to your priorities.
  • Access to courseware for your entire life.