Download Windows 7 ISO Legally – Official Direct Download Links [32-64 Bit]

Download Windows 7 ISO Legally

Windows 7 ISO images are available for download for everyone. Getting a Windows 7 Pro ISO file for installation is required.

Technology is one of the greatest boons of science and research. In this age of speed and enhancement, every step is incomplete without the help of technology. From office work to mundane daily life works, everything needs technology. With the innovation of the computer came the software and OS to operate it well. 

People who use computers, laptops, or PC, they are very well accustomed to the term WINDOWS. Windows is the OS of the PC that runs the whole work on the computer. There are different versions of Windows. Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and more are examples of popular windows. 

Among these, some of the versions of WINDOWS have become obsolete like Vista. Windows 7 has been the best version of OS to date. But it has been shut down too. From Windows 10 to the newer versions, it faces some challenges. The best way to solve it is the Windows 7 ISO version. 

There is no authentic version of Windows 7 available on the server online. But one can download the Windows 7 ISO direct from the server online. The users have the provision to download the installation files from an online store. Sometimes you can also come across different terms of the same action like download Windows 7 disc images

Here are the best methods of downloading the Windows 7 ISO file legally in different ways. In these ways one can also get the idea of how to create an ISO image of Windows 7.

#1. Method: Direct Windows 7 ISO Download –

Some links have been given below from where you can download the correct and authentic ISO files of Windows 7. Below are some given platforms that will generate a direct link to the official Microsoft server. There are different capacity PCs along with different capacities of ISO files (e.g.- 32 bit, 64 bit). 

Also, there are options to Windows 7 ISO file download in different languages. One just needs to mention the Windows edition they would like to download and the language in which they want to download it. Also, they would need to mention the system type for the ISO file.

  • File: Windows 7 Ultimate ISO 
  • Size: 5.5 GB
  • Service Pack: SP1
  • Version: 32-bit and 64-bit

#2. Method: From the Microsoft Download Page with the use of Product Key –

This is the most authentic way of downloading Windows 7 ISO legally. Through this method, there is necessary of this to go through the official Microsoft Windows 7 ISO download page. And to proceed with this download system, we need to get the authentic product key for the latest version of Windows 7. Below are the processes in which we can download the Windows 7 ISO files.

  • At first, one needs to go to an URL to open the download page of Windows 7 ISO. The link for the URL is-

  • There will be a list of steps provided to follow to download the activation key. There will also be available unique Windows 7 valid retail keys. Select one of them and copy it. 
  • Next click on the verify button.
  • The site will verify your unique product key soon. It might take a while. Do not refresh the page. 
  • After the verification is complete, there will be an option to select product language. 
  • On clicking it, there will be a drop-down menu from which one can select their desired language in which they want the ISO file to download. 
  • After selecting the language, click on the confirm button. 
  • Next, you will get the link for the download of Windows ISO 7. 
  • There are two different files for two different system types- 32 bit and 64 bit. 

#3. Process of Installation Windows 7 ISO-

There is a Windows version that is already working within the PC. One needs to reinstall or update it to the Windows 7 ISO version. For that, you need to follow the following steps. 

  • First, you need to insert a minimum 16 GB flash drive. 
  • Next, you can open the Rufus. It will create a bootable media for the desired Windows ISO file. 
  • DO not change any of the default settings
  • Next click on the start button.
  • It might take a while to finish, do not refresh the page.
  • After the completion of the process, you would need to restart your PC.
  • When booting, you need to tap the Boot Menu key beside the Windows Logo. Here is a list of the shortcut reboot menu for the different company computers-

Asus- Esc or F8, Acer- F12, HP- F9 or Esc, Dell- F12, Lenovo- F12, F8 and F10.

  • There will be a drive list available on the screen, including the drive you have inserted. Choose the device from your place and press the enter button.
  • Next, as the installation process starts, one will find the Windows logo on the screen with moving animated dots. This sign indicates that the process is going in the right way. 
  • After the PC restarts, you will need to reset the time, language, and keyboard method. After everything is set, you need to click on the Next button.
  • The last readable point is to press Install Now. 
  • The PC next asks for the authentic product key for the installation of the Windows 7 ISO file. If you have the product key, then enter it. If you do not have any, click on the option of ‘Do this Later’ or ‘I don’t have a key.
  • After that, the setup will ask for the correct edition of the License, whether it is home or pro. Be very much careful to mention the edition. The wrong edition would leave you to run the clean install process again. 
  • It also will take some time as the system prepares to copy files.
  • Then click on the option of ‘I accept the license terms. And click next. 
  •  Thereafter, click on the Custom: Install Windows only option. 
  • You need to select the drive and click next. 
  • Next, follow the given pattern- New>Apply>Okay.
  • There will be some partitions mentioned in a list. Choose the Primary partition option. 
  • Wait another few moments before the Windows final installation is complete. 
  • After the final installation, Windows will again reboot. 
  • At the final step, Windows will automatically detect and install the hardware. It will restart again one last time before the proper application of the file.  

Prerequisites to create the Windows 7 bootable disc-

To make the Windows 7 bootable, the system requires three preconditions to fulfill. These are –

  • Windows 7 ISO file
  • 8 GB USB drive
  • Copying the files from the drive for avoiding data loss.

Some the common FAQs about Windows 7 ISO-

  1. Is the Windows 7 ISO available for the 32 bit?

Ans- Yes. In this article, we have mentioned and given the link of Windows 7 ISO file download for both 32 bit and 64 bit. 

  1. Is it possible to upgrade the Windows from 32 bit into 64 bit?

Ans- This is a very unpredictable question. This has the least to do with the Windows 7 ISO file. It depends on the system configuration on use. It is best to check the version of the processer- x64 or x32. Follow the below steps to find out the result. Start button>Right Click on Computer>Properties. Under the properties subheading, there is a sub-option of System. There you can check the system type. If the system processor is x64, then you need to uninstall the Windows 7 and reinstall it for the 32-bit file. 

  1. Is there a genuine ISO file for Windows 7?

Ans- Yes. In both methods, the links generated are authentic. From the first method, the external link produced is from the official Microsoft server only

  1. Is Windows 7 ISO compatible with a PC with 4 GB RAM?

Ans- Microsoft has a minimum criterion of using Windows 7 that is the system needs to have 2 GB RAM. So it will have easy compatibility with a 4 GB RAM PC. 

  1. Which software would be best to write ISO images into USB drives?

Ans- Some tools are available for this process. You can go through the feedback section of each tool and choose according to the ratings. 

Is it possible to receive Windows updates in Windows 7 ISO?

Ans- Yes. It is possible to receive the updates on Windows 7 once you put in the right product key. All the original and authentic product keys come with on-time updatation notifications.


It has all been about the detailed process and information regarding legally downloading Windows 7 ISO. The above-mentioned process has the best detailing of the requirement as well as the process to download the Windows 7 ISO version in multiple methods.