Kayaking Clothing Tips & Safety Equipment List

Kayaking Clothing Tips & Safety Equipment List

If you have already tried some outdoor activities like hiking, then it is possible that you already have clothes that are comfortable, durable, and versatile which are also ideal for kayaking. Having the right kayaking clothes can keep your body warm in wet conditions. Not only do you need to have the proper kayaking clothes but also have to take with you some essential safety equipment in case something bad happens during your trip.

Installing a docking station can also help you get in and out of your kayak easier. Hiseadock offers floating docks for sale if you want to build one. Now, without any further ado, let us discuss some important kayaking clothing tips and safety equipment you will need to bring. Keep on reading!

5 Tips for Kayaking Clothes & Accessories

Below are the tips you can follow for your kayaking clothes and accessories.

#1 Wear comfortable clothing.

Wear comfortable clothing especially if you are going for a long trip because you will sit for a long time.

#2 Wear clothes made of fabrics that can resist abrasion.

Wearing fabrics that are able to withstand water, sand, and rough materials can help prevent your clothes from tearing up.

#3 Use sun protection fabrics and lotions.

Even if the weather is cloudy, the sun is still dangerous. Use UPF clothing as well as sunscreen to help block harmful UV rays being reflected by the water.

#4 Do not wear cotton.

Clothes made of cotton can absorb water. They will make you uncomfortable because you will stay wet on your entire trip. Use bathing suits instead that are made up of polyester or nylon. You can also use woolen clothes because they insulate even when wet.

#5 Dress for the water’s temperature.

The temperature of the air is not the same as the water’s temperature. Water temperature is much colder compared to air temperature so you would want to dress for the water’s temperature.

Suggested Clothing for Warm & Cold Kayaking Conditions

Below are a few suggestions for clothing on warm and cold kayaking conditions.

#1 Underwear

Most kayakers prefer wearing swimsuits as first layers in warm conditions. But if swimsuits are not among your preferences, you can wear sports bras and underwear designed for outdoor applications but make sure that they are not made of cotton.

#2 Wetsuit

We recommend wearing a wetsuit for mild weather conditions. For hot weather but cold water, you can wear sleeveless wetsuits.

#3 Drysuit

Drysuits are ideal for colder waters and weather conditions. They can help in keeping you dry. Plus, they are waterproof.

#4 Tops

Consider wearing rash guards as top layers because they are stretchable and dry quickly aside from protecting you from UV radiation.

#5 Bottoms

You can wear bottoms that dry quickly like board shorts and quick-dry pants.

#6 Footwear

Waterproof booties and water shoes are great options because they are light. Plus, they help protect your feet when you are on the water. Do not wear shoes that easily slip off such as flip flops. Water sandals are also not recommended because they can collect gravel and sand. If the weather is cold, use waterproof socks. You can also use thick socks that are non-cotton.

#7 Outer Layer

For rainy and windy days, bring waterproof jackets and rain pants. You may also want to wear paddling jackets to keep the water out at your wrists and neck.

#8 Gloves

Use paddling gloves to shield your hands from blisters, cold, and wind.

List of Kayaking Safety Equipment

You may already know that you will need to wear a personal flotation device when you go into the waters. But, this is not the only gear you will be needing, below are some more other items you would want to have for your safety.

#1 Helmet

Like most sports, you will need a helmet before you start on your kayaking adventure. A helmet protects your head in case your paddle hits you or you get hit by other people paddling near you. Your helmet will also protect you if your kayak tips over because the kayak might hit you.

#2 First-Aid Kits

First-aid kits are always must-haves for any type of sport, not just kayaking. We recommend storing your first-aid kits inside waterproof bags with marks so you can access them easily.

#3 Sponsons

Sponsons are inflatable devices that are attached outside your kayak. They come in pairs and are installed on your kayak’s sides.

#4 Flotation Bags

Use flotation bags to minimize the amount of water entering your kayak. They also prevent your watercraft from sinking in case you capsize.


Aside from wearing the right clothing when going on a kayaking adventure, you should always prioritize safety. Make sure that you take with you the essential safety equipment to lower the risks of dangers during your trip. Being well-prepared allows you to enjoy your kayaking adventures more without worrying about harming yourself in the waters.