Cryptocurrency Trading: Key Things To Know


Crypto trading is a popular way to make money on asset price changes. Crypto rate fluctuations allow one to buy assets at lower prices and sell them when the rates boost or even make a profit on small price changes.

The most often used trading strategies in the crypto market:

  • Day trading. Traders take advantage of intraday price fluctuations, opening positions on buying and selling crypto many times a day. It allows them to make profits from tiny market fluctuations during the day.
  • Scalping. This strategy implies frequent and intensive cryptocurrency trading, receiving a small portion of the profit from each position in 15-30 min timeframes. As a result, they get substantial profit. 
  • Position trading. It is long-term trading, where traders are not bound to short price fluctuations. It may be a week or month period. Traders rely on fundamental analysis and market trends.
  • Swing trading. Positions are open for one day to a few weeks. It gives traders time to think about their next steps. Like position trading, swing trading does not imply spontaneous actions; thus, this is a less nervous type of trading. 
  • Arbitrage. Cryptocurrency prices live vary from platform to platform. It allows earning from the asset’s price difference. Traders use a couple of platforms, buying coins on the exchange that offers a lower price and transferring them to another platform where the price for the same asset is higher, then selling them and making a profit.

Now we know some strategies on how to trading in crypto currency.


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