2 of the Most Popular Options for Soccer Betting

Most Popular Options for Soccer Betting

you can follow to help you with the betting phenomena. Soccer betting can be divided into a few main categories: 

A 3-way line which incorporates a draw

So either betting the first team, the second one or the draw, there will always be one winner from the three options. Books will also offer something called a 2-way line, meaning that they take out the draw and add in the option in which a team will be favoured by half a goal or a goal. Usually, the event is a very close game and if the game ends in a draw than the wager is a push at that point.

Over 1.5 goals

There is also a strategy some players like to follow in betting over 1.5 goals per game. If you’re wondering how you can bet half a goal, it means that basically you’re betting that at least 2 goals will be scored in one game. The best moment to go with this bet is on the second half of the game when the ratio of the 1.5 goals per game usually grows near to a 1.8 or 2. This is another tip regarding soccer betting as at this moment you are risking 1 to get 1 and you will see why you’ll be able to make money in the long run. One reason why this is a valid tip is that, as per the statistics of the overall goals scored from the majority of the soccer playing teams, is that the most goals are scored in the second half of the game. On average, a team will score 40%-45% of their goals in the first half and they will score 55%-60% in the second half. So you are basically looking for at least one goal to be scored as you can benefit from it and profit the amount that is available in the moment. Ultimately, the majority of the teams will score in the second half, because usually the players are much more tired and they are losing their focus towards the end. So when betting always check the teams and the amount of goals they usually score. Look for teams that are close in the rankings and usually score around 2 goals per game. Try to look for a score line that is close to half time. What you want to do in the beginning is to look at both teams, to both home and away matched to make sure that they have scored 2 goals or more. Try to wait a few minutes before betting on the second half and play half of your stake around the 15th minute mark. Then wait around the 65th minute until placing your second part of the bet. Always try to build your position where you can either cash out as a profit or lay the market for a risk-free trade.

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