What You Want to See from Your Business’s Online Security Tool

What You Want to See from Your Business’s Online Security Tool

Almost all companies have some degree of online presence. Even the smallest mom-and-pops have a website, and often they have social media accounts as well. Their customers expect that, so even if they are not very tech-savvy, they must reach out to those who can help them in these areas.

Regardless of what kind of business you have, you should have some powerful and comprehensive software that can block any online threats that might crash your site or infiltrate it and steal data. You have to protect that data, so you can retain your employees and continue to uphold the public’s trust in you.

Let’s look at some of the security software features you’ll want to see if you’re buying a suite for your business.

Managed Detection and Response Solutions

You might hear the term managed detection and response regarding security software you can rent or buy. This is a key term in the web security area, and you should know what it means.

Managed detection and response, in this scenario, means that the individuals who developed the tool you’ve purchased or bought can monitor your website and any other online presence you have. Maybe you’re utilizing a proprietary software suite you created for your workers to use. Perhaps you’re using a ready-made one that’s in widespread circulation.

Either way, part of what you’re paying for with these security services is continuous monitoring of your online activities. If a hacker tries to attack your website or access your software suite, this monitoring should detect and deter that.

The Appropriate Response

That’s part of the equation. Response solutions are the other aspect. You want a company that can not only identify an attack when it happens in real-time but can also isolate the attacker and lock them out so they can never try it again.

Most security companies or services offer this. What you want, ideally, is one that can also report to you in plain English what happened, and they can also tell you precisely what they will do to make sure that it does not happen again.

The Response’s Speed

You should also get an online security service that can detect and respond to an attack almost instantaneously. When they tell you what happened, you don’t want to know that the attack occurred the previous week or month. You want a report of what took place that very day.

The Widest Safety Net

In addition, you’ll want online security features that can block a wide array of attacks. Hackers and dishonest individuals will always come up with new ways to try and break into your computer network and steal privileged information. They often want to do it so they can steal an employee or a customer’s identity.

You cannot allow that to happen because if it does, your company will get a negative reputation within your niche. No one is likely to give you their credit card information if they know that data breaches happen with your company all the time.

The proper online security service or company can block phishing attacks, malware, fraudulent websites, and all manner of other online threats. You should ask the company you’re going to use whether they can combat everything that’s out there.

They Can Give You Comprehensive Reports When You Need Them

Your online security company should be able to break down the attacks when they happen, so you know as much about them as possible. For instance, you should know whether hackers are coming after your company with targeted or untargeted attacks. The report should also tell you what remediation actions your security service took or which ones they recommend for the future.

The report can show you any investigative actions if they suspect an entity is trying to break into your network, but they’re not certain conclusively that it represents a threat. The report can show you the attack’s vector and its endpoint.

If you have this comprehensive hacker attack breakdown, you’ll know whether specific entities are attacking you repeatedly and how to combat them. Your security service can take remediation actions so that it is unlikely to happen again.

Once you’ve got this system in place, you can feel more secure about what your customers and employees do online. Online security is a necessity in this era. Having the proper security measures in places can allow you to breathe easily and expand your company’s influence when the time comes.