Things You Can Do If Your IP address is Blacklisted

Things You Can Do If Your IP address is Blacklisted

An Internet Protocol, commonly known as the IP address, is a unique set of numbers assigned to each device that uses an internet connection. Since the devices are increasing exponentially, so are the guidelines that users are expected to follow. You are bound to hit a computer where the admin sees your mail as a potential threat and black-lists you.

What is Blacklisting?

A blacklist is the list of IP addresses that are flagged by the communication software for sending spam. The companies use this procedure to protect their customers and users from potential threats. This target is achieved by setting a set of classifications about what is deemed harmful and, hence, stopping the server from reconnecting.

Reasons for Blacklisting

If there is a history of a certain amount of spam traps by a particular user over a certain period of time, the search engine traces it back to the specific IP address. That address is then labeled as spam and is blacklisted. As multiple IP addresses share the same host, this blacklisting would impact everyone. The emails sent by the shared host uses would end up bouncing back and hence, would lead to losses. Thus, the host needs to be able to remove the IP address from the blacklist.

Often, some blacklists automatically add IP addresses if they are from DHCP. Viruses and malware are also the major reason behind being blacklisted. If your computer has a virus or the emails you sent have spam content, then you are bound to end up on a blacklist. And, since precaution is better than cure, one should start using IP admin panel inorder to keep their system safe from such viruses. If you are not a spammer, but still your address is blocked, then you don’t have much to worry about. The IP addresses are leased out by the host for a certain amount of time. It is possible that the person who had the address before you indulged in spamming. In that case, you need to get a new IP address.

Things to do if your IP address is blacklisted

If your IP address has been blacklisted, you will need to visit the blacklist’s website and find your IP address there. In most cases, they do not specify the specific email addresses that got you there, but they do general list guidelines.

Here are few ways in which you can get Unblack-listed:

  • In order to get off the blacklist, you will need to check things on your end. If you are able to find out the reason why you were blacklisted, you need to eradicate the cause of the problem.

To begin with, you need to go through the guidelines prescribed by the blacklist’s website and ensure your network and mail server are adhering to the instructions provided. They may ask you to correct your SMTP banners or correct your DNS records. You will need to scan your computer for viruses and look if there are any updates that your system might need. In addition to this, ensure that the routers are configured more securely. It would be best if you also considered leveling your passwords up a notch.

  • Once you think that you have eradicated all the problems from your end, go back to the blacklist’s website and look for the IP address removal process.

You might come across what is known as ‘Self-Service Removal.’ There are a few websites that let you take off your IP address off their blacklist after a fairly simple procedure. However, you must be very careful about sticking to the guidelines as they are lenient towards one time offenders only.

  • Another type of IP address removal is called Time- Based Removal. Depending on the degree of your offense, these websites block your address for a particular period of time. They have a built-in process that automatically removes the addresses once their time period is over. But if your IP address has been reported as spam more than once, the time period would be longer.
  • If the impact of the block-listing is major and the delisting request is not enough then you can ask for a new IP address from DHCP. Each device is provided with a different address for a limited period of time. You can clean your personal IP address by resetting it.

However, this option might not always be viable as you cannot get a new address if your lease has not expired yet.

  • Wait it out. Even if you haven’t done anything on purpose and unintentionally ended up on the blacklist, you need to be patient. Complying with the instructions would get you farther than complaining about the procedure enlisted by the blocklist’s website. The more understanding and compliant you are with the database. The easier and faster the process will be.
  • It would be best if you fathomed the seriousness of the blacklist you are on. For that, you need to go to the blocklist’s website and check the database they use. Here are a few common blacklists and a small overview of how to delist yourself.

For example, if the user uses SORBS, you need to create a SORBS account and request delisting. If they use 0SPAM, you need to remove the culprit causing the block-listing, create an account on 0SPAM, and request delisting.